Anti jokes

Anti jokes

anti jokes

Jokes can make you laugh but the Anti Jokes will make you laugh so hard that your tummy will start to hurt. The biggest attraction of the Anti Jokes is that they are not jokes but they will still make you laugh. You might have been surprised that that will happen.

Well! let us make it a little simple for you. The Anti Jokes are special punch lines that when you will start telling the jokes the other person will feel like something funny is about to come. However, nothing like that will happen because you will finish your sentence on a serious note and all the people in the room will be left wondering that what was that. Their amazing expressions and serious tones will you laugh and eventually everyone will start laughing. So remember that it is not always about the good jokes because sometimes you have to share some Anti Jokes to maintain 

Let people think where the joke was

We know that you are sick and tired of the joke man in your office who thinks that he knows all the jokes and he has the power to make everyone laugh. However, not this tie because now you have your own set of Anti Jokes that he will surely not know about and it will give you an edge over his knowledge of jokes. So it is the time that you get started.

1. When you will start telling the joke you will notice that there will a huge smile on the face of everyone because they are expecting something really funny.

2. However, when you will end your joke everyone will be surprised because they were not expecting something so serious that will leave them shocked.

3. Make sure that you know the joke guy is listening to you because he is the only one in the crowd who would have the wort expressions.

4. Most of the people will think that you are going to continue the joke but when you will not they will understand that you have been telling an Anti Jokes.

5. Make sure that you keep the tone funny and then suddenly change it into the serious tone because that is the only way you can do justice with the Anti Jokes.

Set the mood and make them groan

When you will start telling the Anti Jokes most of the people will give you serious faces and groans showing that you have wasted their time. however, within few seconds they will understand the meaning of the joke and what you were trying to say, and their laughter will be uncontrollable. They will appreciate your talent of converting a joke into a serious thought and how you have been able to maintain your expressions.

If you are having a joke challenge or you have to make someone laugh make sure that you use the Anti Jokes. The reason is that there are chances that they have not heard all these jokes before. As well as when you will start telling them some serious lines it will get hard for them to control their laughter and you will win the challenge. There is no need to go anywhere else looking for the jokes. We have the biggest collection of Anti Jokes here for you. So just get started and make people laugh. 

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