Knock Knock Jokes

Knock knock jokes

Knock knock jokes

In the history of the jokes, Knock knock jokes are the most historical and traditional jokes that every kid shares when he or she is young. They might be sassy, bad or hilarious because it all depends on how quick is the person to reply. If your kid is of the age that he loves sharing the Knock knock jokes with you, here is the best collection that will help you to learn some of the best responses and share a laugh with your child.
Once you will start reading the Knock knock jokes you will remember your own childhood and it would be hard for you stop reading because they are so funny. If you missed the last category of funny knock knock pictures jokes, here; ENJOY.

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#36 Mary

Mary: Will you remember me in five years? 
John: Yes 
Mary: Will you remember me in 10 years? 
John: Yes 
Mary: Will you remember me in 20 years? 
John: Yes 
Mary: Knock, knock. 
John: Who’s there? 
Mary: See, you forgot me already!


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