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bad jokes

funny jokesSometimes bad jokes are so stupid even if you don’t want to laugh at them, you can not stop yourself to laugh, we selected just for you the best bad jokes that you can share with your family and your friend, sometimes they will be so bad you prefer keep them for you. Don’t do that! Our bad jokes are here to make laugh everyone parents, children friends… They are for everybody! It could be just one liners or a riddles. to make sure you’re about to visit our page we can give you an example.
A little boy asked his father, ‘daddy how much does it cost to get married?’ father replied, I don’t know son, I’m still paying’.
We have a ton of bad jokes like this one in our page, the only things you need to do is to go in the bad jokes page and laugh at them like you never did! Last thing if you want to contribuate and share your best bad jokes don’t hesitate, we have a submit page, put your name and your jokes. If your jokes are good, and we’re sure it will. We will post it with your name.
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Black jokes

black jokesSome Black jokes are sassy and others are funny that will make you laugh so hard that water will come out of your eyes. The jokes are so good that you can share it with your friends and make them laugh as well. The Black jokes will keep you connected to the world of jokes in a fun way. The best black jokes are on ThaJokes.com and you know what? There are for everyone black people, white people, chinese… Don’t be embarrassed to tell our Black jokes, we give you the best selection to laugh at them with everyone you know.  You want tease your friends? Tell them some black jokes. You want make new friends?  Tell them some black jokes too. We living in a world of freedom where everything can be say if it about share positivity and hapiness. Don’t hesiatate tell us what jokes you like the most, and you know the deal if you know some good black jokes clic on the submit button and tell us some good story, one liners or simple black jokes, we will share the best ones, so don’t waste your time and read our Best Black Jokes.
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Blonde jokes

blonde jokesLet makes evevything clear know! We all know what all blonde jokes is about… They all talk about how stupid they are… But not on Thajokes! Of course we have some blonde joke like that who will make you laugh like you never did before but if you want more than blonde jokes you already know, you are at the right place! We selected just for jou the funniest blonde jokes you never heard before, if you looking for a good moment, take a seat and appreciate our Sassiest Blonde Jokes Let us tell you something… If you have a blonde girlfriend and she ennoyed you, take a look at our best blonde jokes even she will be mad at you, we sure she will laugh with you. You can also share it with your group of friend or your family. Blonde Jokes are for everyone who want have a good moment appreciate the feeling to be with the ones you like. So don’t waste your time and visit our page to laugh and tease your blonde friend. Last thing you already know the deal we are a community who like share good jokes s if you have some really funny jokes the subimt button is for you.
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Dirty jokes

hilarious dirty jokesLook for some dirty jokes? Let us tell you something… You’re not ready! Our team worked hard to give you 85 Dirty Jokes. They are so funny and dirty in the same time. that you can not have the choice to feel dirty when you will share them. But you know what? Who really cares?? Even your friends will have the same feeling than you. They are for everyone except the children of course! But for every moment of your life you can share some funny dirty jokes that make you feel happy to tell them. So don’t waist your time and visit our best dirty jokes and tell us witch one you like the most. Last thing We know you have some dirty jokes so don’t be selfish and click on th submit button and send us your best dirty jokes, We will share the best ones!
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jokes for kids

jokes for kidsThere are often some scary questions and the answers that would stun you. We have the best collection of jokes for Kids that would make you die out of laught. Make sure that you share with the couples that have friends and they will surely relate to the situations. The kids jokes are the best in the market and there is no doubt you will be bored with them. If you don’t how to share a good moment with your kids, take a look our best jokes for kids are for you. We sure your kids will laugh like they never did before, so make them quit them tablet and others accessories and make them have a good moment with some goods kids jokes. They will ask for more! Last thing if yoy have some good jokes for kids send them to us and we will post them!
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Yo mama jokes

yo mama jokesThe Yo mama jokes can be said in front of your friends that are mothers and make sure that you notice their reactions. You will see that at first, they will be angry but soon they could not stop their laughter. The Yo mama jokes are the legends and the funniest jokes that you will ever come across. Here we have some of the amazing Yo mama jokes that you must read.
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