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Are mini cucumbers the same as Kirby cucumbers?

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Kirby cucumbers are small, usually 6 inches long or less, with bumpy skins and firm flesh. ... English cucumbers are the long, semi-seedless variety that usually come wrapped in plastic if you buy them in the grocery store. Read more

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Is there another name for Kirby cucumber?

Kirby Cucumbers

Sometimes, they're even sold under the name "pickling cucumbers."

Are mini cucumbers the same as pickling cucumbers?

Mini-cucumbers are typically picked and eaten or preserved when they are about 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.6 cm) long. ... Pickling cucumbers have thinner skin than that of standard cukes, and it tends to be less bitter. Standard cucumbers have thicker skin that gives them a longer shelf life, so they last longer when stored.

What are mini cucumbers called?

Gherkins. Best to pick: After growing only 2 or 3 inches long, these miniature cucumbers will be ready to be picked. Gherkins are short and stubby, with bumpy skin that tends to be a light shade of green.

Are mini cucumbers gherkins?

A gherkin is a small variety of a cucumber that's been pickled. It's a little cucumber that's been pickled in a brine, vinegar, or other solution and left to ferment for a period of time.

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Most frequently asked questions

What's the difference between salad cucumbers and Mini Cucumbers?

Mini Cucumbers typically grow to be 4-6 inches long, while Cocktail Cucumbers are half that size, measuring in at around 2 ½ inches long.

What cucumbers are used for mini pickles?

A: We want small pickling varieties, about the size of your thumb: Kirby, Gherkin, Mini-English (a new hydroponic variety found year round in larger supermarkets and big-box clubs). Skip the big, fat common varieties used for salads.

What are Kirby or Persian cucumbers?

Oh, you like pickles? Then you also like kirby cucumbers. These cukes are the most widely-pickled variety of cucumbers. They're short like Persians but a little fatter, with bumpy skin and a dense interior that can hold up up to an assertive brine—big crunch, big flavor, convenient package.

Can you buy mini cucumber plants?

Three Favorite Miniature Cucumber Varieties

All produce small-sized fruits on beautiful, lush vines. Picolino: This sweet little cuke starts producing just 45-50 days after planting the seeds. The fruits reach only 4 inches long and are packed with flavor. They produce early and keep on chugging along for many weeks.

Are mini cucumbers genetically modified?

Organic foods—which are not derived from GMOs—are regulated by USDA and labeled “USDA organic.” ... Almost everywhere you look at the bedding plants, bell peppers, broccoli and cucumbers are all prominently labeled as non-GMO—even though there are no such plants approved for commercial sale.


Are mini cucumbers English cucumbers?

These varieties exist within two categories – Long English Cucumbers and Mini Cucumbers. Long English Cucumbers are considered the classic Cucumber, whereas Mini Cucumbers look the same as Long English – just in a miniature, snackable form!

Can I use mini cucumbers for pickling?

BEST PICKLES START WITH RIGHT CUCUMBERS - SMALL AND FRESH. The summer baby cucumbers are out; but with summer heat will turn them to giant cukes almost right before your eyes. These tiny cucumbers, about 2 to 4 inches long and very narrow, are the best for the simple method of cold pickling.

How do you use a Kirby cucumber?

They are very crisp, because their seed cavity is so small and undeveloped, which also means they have fewer seeds than other cucumbers. The cucumbers don't have to be used for pickling. They can also be served fresh sliced in cucumber salads or on relish trays.

When can you buy Kirby cucumbers?

Also a great tasting cucumber, Kirbys have become a popular choice for use in salads and other recipes that call for fresh cucumbers. There are two seasons for Kirby cucumbers at Long & Scott Farms – April & May in the Spring and September through November in the Fall.

Can you grow Kirby cucumbers?

Sow Kirby cucumber seeds indoors during the spring, at least two weeks before the last spring frost. Plant seeds about one-half inch deep.

What is a Kirby cucumber?

Kirby cucumbers are small, usually 6 inches long or less, with bumpy skins and firm flesh. They are the most common variety of pickling cucumbers (and are usually recommended in pickle recipes) but we also love them in salads and diced into gazpacho.

How long do mini cucumbers take to grow?

You can normally begin to harvest cucumbers around 12 weeks from sowing – how long the cucumbers are will depend on the particular variety. But it's best to harvest cucumbers while they're young and tender, before they show signs of producing seeds, as older fruits can become bitter.

Are cukes just baby cucumbers?

Loved for their sweet taste, crunch and ideal snack size, Qukes® are more than just regular cucumbers picked early. They're actually a unique mini variety! Qukes® are ideal for your kids lunchboxes. Pop Qukes® whole into your lunchboxes, use them as sticks for dips or slide them into sandwiches for a cool, crisp bite.

Are Persian and mini cucumbers the same?

These mini cucumbers are about 6 inches long and usually come packed in clamshells or bags and now can be found in most every supermarket across the country. They are called “Persian” cukes because these miniatures have long been popular with shoppers of Persian and most Middle Eastern descents.

Are mini cucumbers waxed?

But did you know about 80% of all produce is waxed, including cherries, plums, nectaries, avocados, bell peppers, cantaloupes, cucumbers, eggplants, grapefruits, lemons, limes, melons, oranges, parsnips, passion fruits, peaches, pineapples, pumpkins, rutabagas, squashes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers…and the ...

Why is it called Lebanese cucumber?

Lebanese cucumbers are small, smooth-skinned and mild tasting. In Australia, he said, this type of cucumber was attributed to the Lebanese community because migrants from Lebanon were the first to bring the seeds from their country and began planting them in their backyards.

What are the best cucumbers to make pickles?

Kirby cucumbers are the classic pickling cucumber — they hold up better than English cucumbers during pickling, remaining firm and crunchy instead of becoming overly soft. I've also found that Persian cucumbers make very nice pickles — they have thinner skin and are the perfect size for packing into pint jars.

Can you use any type of cucumber for pickles?

Slicing cucumbers, which includes English cucumbers, can be used for pickles, but you might get a softer pickle. Slicing cucumbers though always can be used in relish with no hesitation, where any softness won't matter near as much. To help, you can make sure to chill cucumbers well before starting.

What are the best cucumbers for canning?

Pass over long, thin-skinned varieties, like English hothouse cucumbers. "I like to use medium-to-small-sized Kirby cukes," says Brad. The Kirby variety has a thicker skin that can stand up to the pickling liquid, and remains crunchy, with a good snap, long after it's been preserved.

Are Persian cucumbers the same as Lebanese cucumbers?

But similar cucumbers have long been prized in the Mideast, and so they're often called “Lebanese cucumbers,” “Persian cucumbers,” etc. ... These have better flavor and texture than commercial slicing varieties, but they need to be wrapped in plastic to keep from drying out, and they're not as tasty as Persian cucumbers.