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Are Shen Yun dancers paid?

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Dancers are trained at the Fei Tan Academy of the Arts, which is part of a 427-acre refuge for Falun Gong adherents in upstate New York. ... The dance companies also, unusually, have a mixture of paid and unpaid performers, according to Hazlitt. Shen Yun has a wide reach. Read more

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Who pays for Shen Yun?

According to 2020 report by Los Angeles Magazine: Both Shen Yun and Epoch Times are funded and operated by members of Falun Gong, a controversial spiritual group that was banned by China's government in 1999 ...

How are Shen Yun dancers treated?

According to the Chinese government, however, Shen Yun is the singing, dancing face of Falun Gong – which the government describes as a malevolent “anti-society cult” that leads its followers to self-mutilation, suicide and murder. ... “With the Chinese it is like it used to be with our rulers. They are simply scared.”

Why is Shen Yun banned?

Ironically, while Shen Yun celebrates traditional Chinese culture around the world, it is not allowed to perform in China. ... In China, for over 60 years, the communist regime has treated traditional culture as a threat to its power and even today it will not let Shen Yun in to perform.

How expensive is Shen Yun?

On average, Shen Yun tickets can range from $141 for second-tier seats to $1,000 for premium seats in the center orchestra.

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Most frequently asked questions

Is Shen Yun any good?

The best show we have ever watched! Beautiful colors, amazing dancing, unique music, kid-friendly, and very educational about authentic Chinese culture. We have been going to Shen Yun for a few years now, and it has never disappointed us. We highly recommend everyone to watch the show at least once in your life!

How many hours is Shen Yun show?

A Shen Yun performance is roughly two hours, plus intermission. There are about 15 short dance pieces in each performance, which offer variety in terms of both pacing and style.

Is Shen Yun ballet?

In short: no. Shen Yun dancers perform classical Chinese dance, along with a range of traditional Chinese ethnic and folk dance styles. ... It is a dance form as ancient as Chinese civilization itself, and it contains China's deep cultural traditions.

What religion is Shen Yun?

Shen Yun is a performing arts company, not a religion. Shen Yun performances can be deeply spiritual, drawing upon China's Buddhist, Taoist, and various cultural traditions, including contemporary stories about people who practice Falun Dafa, and their courage in the face of persecution in China today.

Where are the Shen Yun dancers from?

Our performers come from all over the world—the musicians are an especially unique mix, hailing from Korea, Germany, Armenia, and many other countries. Most dancers are ethnic Chinese, and they mainly come from North America, Australia, Taiwan, and China.

Organ Harvesting, Chinese Propaganda, & Dance: The Mystery of Shen Yun

What does Shen Yun mean in English?

Shen yun, according to Shen Yun, means “the beauty of divine beings dancing.” (It can also be translated as “the rhythm of a divine spirit,” or, more simply, “God's melody.”) The Shen Yun Performing Arts organization was founded in 2006, in New York's Hudson Valley, and put on its first touring show in 2007.

How does Shen Yun have so much money?

Over those three years, Shen Yun Performing Arts Inc., based in Cuddebackville, N.Y., reported revenue of $72.8 million, largely from ticket sales for shows performed in various cities by one of the dance company's traveling troupes.

How does Falun Gong make money?

While other communal religious groups support themselves selling produce or clothing, Falun Gong uses a high-tech, high-volume dance company known as Shen Yun, with several troupes performing to huge audiences across the world, funding the survival and growth of the group and increasing the wealth of the founder, all ...

Is Shen Yun kid friendly?

Families are a big part of our audience, and each year children enjoy the performance, with favorite pieces being the Monkey King or the mischievous little monks. But please do think of your fellow patrons; consider whether your child can sit through the entire performance without disturbing others.

Where does Mao's Last Dancer live?

He and Mary McKendry now live in Australia with their three children. Ben Stevenson left the Houston Ballet after 27 years as Artistic Director. Acclaimed as one of the world's leading choreographers, he is now Artistic Director of the Texas Ballet Theater.

Can you take pictures at Shen Yun?

Photography and recording of any kind is strictly prohibited. Even without a flash, photography and recording disrupts our performers—the dancers can see it! It also interferes with other audience members trying to enjoy the performance.

Can I wear jeans to Shen Yun?

Patrons should wear evening or business attire to the event. It can be a tuxedo or evening gown, or a suit or jacket and tie. We recommend wearing something that allows you to look and feel your best.

How long is Shen Yun intermission?

Each piece is briefly presented by two bilingual emcees, who guide the audience through this foreign journey and add insight and a touch of humor to the Shen Yun experience. With a 15-minute intermission, the entire performance runs just over two hours.

What is Chinese classical dance?

Classical Chinese dance is an incredibly demanding, refined, and expressive dance form. Alongside ballet, it is also one of the most comprehensive dance systems known to humankind. ... Its founding mission was to revive genuine traditional culture, and this included presenting classical Chinese dance in its purest form.

What is the Falun Gong religion?

Falun Gong, which means “law wheel practice” in Chinese, is a set of meditation exercises and texts that preach the virtues of truth, benevolence and forbearance. It was founded in north-east China in 1992 by Li Hongzhi, a former trumpet player.

Is Falun Gong banned in Hong Kong?

Since the suppression by Chinese authorities begin in July 1999, Falun Gong has retained its legal standing in Hong Kong, and practitioners there are still entitled to freely exercise their beliefs and assemble for protests, marches, and conferences.

Is Falun Gong qigong?

Falun Gong is an offshoot of qigong (Chinese: “discipline of the vital breath”), an amalgam of traditional medical and self-cultivation practices developed in the early 1950s by members of the Chinese medical establishment as part of an effort to promote traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in modern socialist China.

Does China support Falun Gong?

But a 2017 study by Freedom House concluded that 7 to 20 million people in China continue to practice Falun Gong, including many who took up the discipline after the repression began. Moreover, Falun Gong believers in China have responded to CCP persecution with tenacity, nonviolence, and creativity.

Who was the most important person in ancient China?

1. Qin Shi Huang (221-210 B.C.) China was unified in 221 B.C. when the Qin people came out of the west to prevail militarily over a number of rival states.

What is dancing dragon?

Dragon dance (simplified Chinese: 舞龙; traditional Chinese: 舞龍; pinyin: wǔ lóng) is a form of traditional dance and performance in Chinese culture. Like the lion dance, it is most often seen in festive celebrations. ... The dance team simulates the imagined movements of this river spirit in a sinuous, undulating manner.