Best Blonde Jokes

Best Blonde Jokes

Many people consider best blonde jokes offensive especially ladies. But it’s just a joke anyway so why find it offensive? Maybe because you’re blonde, I’m guessing. Well, as for those that love them, stroll our website, have fun, enjoy yourself. Only make sure you’re not taking soda so that they won’t come out through your nose when you’ve entered the laughing therapy session.

The underlying stereotype of blonde jokes is a typical lady that severely lacks intelligence. Not to say all blonds are similar but for the sake of our jokes, they are that way. You might have this question in your mind, Are blondes sexy? Is your answer yes? Yes, that’s how we know how dirty your thoughts are, perverse generation, blondes are not sexy only in jokes. Bite your head over that. I have a testimony to share, here;
Blonde: I can’t believe you’re doing this just for entertainment. I just can’t!! Idiots like you are the reason why women are disrespected and viewed as weak and feeble. How does hair color make us different from other human beings, how?? You bunch of idiots called comedians?
I told you we have many haters, yeah we do. Now you can see why I chose to live deep in the soil. Not that I’m a fertilizer or something or an earthworm. If my haters knew of my whereabouts, they’d pounce on me and devour me so what will be left of our website afterward??? that means no more laughing, barking, smiling or grinning.

Sometimes it likes to know what the future of jokes is like maybe they’d fit with my predictions. I believe in the next 200 years; jokes would be long gone and forgotten. You blondes will be having a lovely time by then. There will be nobody to make jokes out of y’all. Only Todd knows where it is by then. Id probably has opened a grocery shop because I will be out of comedy business. Blondes will have taken control of the world by then; you try to make anything funny about them, you’re a gunner.

So, people with this little time you have, enjoy all the jokes you can. Don’t forget you won’t be alive next 200 years to tell them to your grandchildren. I would have helped you understand the jokes to your great grandkids only if they’re not blondes. For more jokes you can check Blonde jokes.

Best Blonde Jokes

1. Rectacgular in shape…
And it has your picture on it…

Blonde Jokes

2. A bird was disturbing a blonde
Finally she caught it & decide to kill it cruelly.
She took it to the top of a building & dropped it.

3. When you dye your hair blonde to look cute for him
and he still makes you pay for your own tacos

4. What do blondes do when their their laptop freezes?
Microwave them.

5. Win at operation?
OMG born to be a doctor

6. What do blondes and computers have in common?
You don’t really appreciate tem until they go down on you

7. And then there’s this

8. Blondes…

9. Spot the smart blonde …

10. Alex: Dude you just got callled dumb blonde.

11. Only tennis shoes aloowd on courts

13. Blond
James Blond

14. Brunette: I slept with a Brazilian last week.
Blonde: Oh my god, you slut, how many is a Brazilian?

15. But she got a nose job and dyed her hair blonde and
we’ve been close ever since.

16. All Mexican women with blonde hair and dark roots
will be deported on sight

17. Hears blonde joke and pretends to understand

18. « I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know i’m not dumb.
and also i’m not blonde. »

19. I sez enuff wif da blonde jokes!

20. Me with blonde hair

21. My new boyfriend have dandruff
You should give him hand and shoulders
How do you give shoulders?

22. OMG flat tire!
Complety? No, just on the bottom

23. Say one more dumb blonde jokes.
I dare you

24. She was told
To scan her computer for viruses.

25. What do you call a blonde with pigtails?
A blow job with handle bars.

26. What do you get when a topless blonde
Rubs sunscreen on a topless brunette?
Your camera

27. Who loves a blonde haired queen named peebles?

28. Why do men like blonde jokes?
Because they can understand them.

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