Best Chuck Norris Jokes

Best Chuck Norris Jokes

Who is Chuck Norris? Ouch! He is that old schoolfellow. He was my disciple in comedy early 1925. He was a stubborn dude. He gave us lots of problems in the comedy class. Sometimes, we had to suspend him because he was a very arrogant kid plus he was also a bully always yelling at other helpless kids. He was too full of himself. One day I brought him out to the middle of the class and spanked him. After that, I asked the other kids to poke jokes at him. He was sad after the class. The next day, he didn’t come to class in-fact, he never came back. The next time I saw him was on TV One favorite dude of some sort. His real name was Kevin, but we nicked named him Chuck Norris because of his playful attitude. So, who is the real or fake Chuck Norris? I know I’m a talkative and a particular specie of parrot. But who cares?? I talk for a living. In fact, people pay money you can’t imagine for my parrot x-tics. Personally, I hate talking about other people especially when they are comedians like myself. What do you want me to say about them? Beloved, we are competitors, and we must spoil each other’s market. You get??
Now let’s talk about Chuck Norris Jokes.

There used to be a street named after Chuck Norris, but it was changed because nobody crosses Chuck Norris and lives. That’s nice. Visit our site for more. Everybody knows Chuck Norris even a day old kid knows. So, I guess we shouldn’t go over his biography or profile. This is my site, not Chuck Norris’ I do what I want. You get that?? Chuck was a bad-ass martial art star; it is indisputable. He was a jack of all trades master of all. Producer, actor, screenwriter and a champion. Now his name is a tittle in entertainment. Say anything about Chuck Norris and the next thing that follows is laughter. What is the best Chuck Norris joke? Just visit our site and search them out. I can’t specifically say this or that is the best Chuck Norris joke. Do that research your self in the Chuck Norris category. I’m sure you will discover new funny stuff. You will also discover the meaning of PPT in this category. LOL. Who is a better actor? Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris? I vote Chuck for the sake of the joke. Are you sure you know the way of the dragon? If you don’t, better find out. If you know Chuck well, you’d know it is challenging to fool him. Why do you think Chuck wears sunglasses? So his eyes won’t hurt the sun. Chuck is crazy. Chuck’s name is Carlos Ray but to be Frank, I missed Chuck. R.I.P chuck. To see another actor like late Chuck. Wait, is chuck late?? I hope he is so he won’t sue me for that. 

Best Chuck Norris jokes

1. I don’t use debbuggers
I stare down the code confesses

Chuck Norris jokes

2. Chuck Norris has a grizzly bear carpet in his room.
It’s not dead, it’s just afraid to move.

3. 7 days…
Err… Nemermind… Wrong number…

4. Chuck Norris ain’t so tough
4mg Ondansetron and he was just…. Norris.

5. Nunchucks

6. How i feel after making my insta crush laugh
My job here is done

7. Chuck Norris knows the last digit of Pi
Happy Pi day!

8. Chuck Norris’s butter or Chinese knife?

9. Chuck Norris doesn’t battle
He just allows you to lose

10.  Praying mantis… The Chuck Norris of the insect world

11. When people argue about witch milatary branch is the best,
I simply point out the fact that Chuck Norris was in the air force.

12. I too was once a male trapped in a female body
But then my mother gave birth…

13. I’m 6mm Kindney Stone
And unless you’re Chuck Norris, not even Geico can help you now

14. Chuck Norris died
But he’s alright now

15. God made me…
So Chuck Norris could nightmares

16. Techno Giving
Sent by Chuck Norris to keep an eye on things

17. This is me going thru my facebook news feed
This is me going thru my instagram newsfeed

18. Bitch
I kiiled two sotnes with one bird.

19. When Chuck Norris left for college he he told his father
You’re the man of the house now

20. I’m Chck Norris
Your argument is invalid

21. Mr.President, It’S Chuck Norris
I heard you were spying on me…

22. Chuck Norris was there
and he chose scissors

23. Chuck Norris built the hostpital
That he was born in

24. Dad i can’t find my ball !
That my boy!

25. When Google has a question, they  « Norris » it.

26. Chuck Norris likes his meat so rare
He only eats ubicorns

27. What if this meme was created by Chuck Norris himself?

28. Molly Weasley
Makes Chuck Norris eat his vegetables

29. Chuck Norris?
You mean the beared bitch does m laundry.

30. Crocodile hunter?
Fuck off cunt, i’m Norris

31. Guns carry
Chuck Norris for protection

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