Best Dead Baby Jokes

Best Dead Baby Jokes

Some years back, I was in Africa. It was a funny and excellent experience. Apart from living with animals, meeting new friends and all, I had this experience with jokes. Africa is a beautiful place. Just that everything in Africa is on the extreme.
-Laughter is on the extreme,
-Craze is on the extreme,
Everything is just crazy. There’s this thing called “whining,” it is popular among the young people over there. The idea of Whyning comes from that moment of refreshment when you are sipping wine with your friends. Whining is a form of the joke where you tease people indirectly without that person’s knowledge although some people who are smart enough will notice. For example; let’s assume you were a farmer, there was drought In the land, and your crops are not doing well. One day, someone comes and says “this farm is the best on the planet, I haven’t seen crops flourishing like this before.” Apparently, that was ironical and will spur some to laughter. It is called whining, and that is just a primary example of it. There are complicated ways to do it that the victim won’t even realize it. Its fun and it happens everywhere in Africa.

Let’s go to the main event today. What are dead baby jokes? They’re jokes that have to with black comedy. It can start with something intelligent like a question or riddle, but the answer will come in the form of a punchline.

Let’s go back to the 1900’s, 1960 to be exact where dead baby jokes originated from. In the Vietnam war, there was much child abuse and graphic violence involving children. Dead baby jokes sprang up as a response to the war. The other possible origin is from the second wave feminism that happened in the US where women were rejected from assuming positions in the society and when abortion was legalized. To counter the issues of feeling guilty after an abortion, dead baby jokes sprang up. These are the two possible origins.

Man!!….what a boring history! I can’t believe I just told all of that. What about if I re-write history? What if I originated it? I am the originator of dead baby jokes, me my self and I. Yeah, that’s me, the brain behind “private part theory.” That’s the meaning of PPT. Oh! It seems you have forgotten. 

Something came to my mind while I was up at night compiling these jokes. I heard there is now a machine that can read thoughts and see the future…I ask you, how true is that? That’s shit. Where is this technology of ours going to? Why can’t they develop a machine that will bathe me, make my food and carry me about? Machines that I can tell jokes to and will laugh? What do we need mind reading machines for? That’s shit. Screw technology bro thumbs up to comedy. Now don’t forget to visit dead baby jokes pictures …ttyl…love ya.

Best dead baby jokes

1. Whats the best part about dead baby jokes they never get old

dead baby jokes

2. When i was little they had dead baby jokes.
I guess there will be more now.

3. When she says « choke me daddy » and you get carried away and now she’s dead

4. Baby i’m preying on you tonight
Hunt you down eat you alive

5. Anything can be funny. All that’s need is the right delivery.
Except abortion jokes, which,
by definition, have no delivery.

6. Dead baby jokes?
Jesus is cool with it.

7. Morgue worker arrested after giving birth to a dead man’ baby

8. Tells dead baby jokes
While pregnant

9. I was going to tell a dead baby jokes
but i decided to abort

10. What i do when i see a dead baby
Call for help
jerk off

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