Best Hilarious Jokes

Best Hilarious Jokes

How many times have you laughed wildly today? Take some pills. What is the main idea behind a rap battle? To diss your opponent until you have made an insult on every iota of his being. The idea is to create a mockery out of the person creatively. Even if you are not familiar with the person, you assume you do. You make sure you make him cry and surrender. Sometimes, it can be very funny and entertaining. Is rap entertainment isn’t it? Lets put the money, drugs, and guns aside; it can be fun. I love hip-hop a lot you get to see a rapper relate and rhymes a lot of things. Sometimes, I get inspired. Lets quickly do a rap battle here. Deejay, give us some dope beat over there….Yeah!

Here we go….

Dum dum pat pat dum pat…
Dum dum pat pat dum pat…
Dum dum pat pat dum pat…

Me; yooo! Let’s get it.
Don’t f**ck with me G
Don’t f**ck with me G
When you’ve got the H.I.V
Don’t try ma d***k
Don’t try ma d***k
Amma rape ya ass till it bleeds.

‘Can somebody give me a randavaplaz.’ I meant can somebody give me a round of applause. That was hilarious, wasn’t it? Some of ya rappers couldn’t do what I just did. Y’all rappers suck. Am the real man. Whats the point here? When you watch rap battles, you’d hear some very hilarious jokes. You’d be like dammmmnn.. that hit me. We have such lines accumulated on our site. Let’s brand the name; “punch line jokes.” So whether they are punchline jokes or hilarious jokes, we are saying the same thing.

This jokes are very funny and happen during competitions like a rap battle or a diss show. These jokes are aimed to strike a fatal blow at the opponent. Oh! Some hilarious jokes would make you cry, I mean it. You’d cry. They are reserved for now and will feature on our site soon. They might be in the form of stories, but you must be able to spot them out based on the description I have given. When you have gone through them, I congratulate you because those lines must have stuck in your memory by now. If anyone dares you, give him a fucking warning. If he doesn’t heed, recite one of those lines for him and watch him burst into tears immediately.

That’s cos you just gave him a POW! Next time you meet him, he’d respect you because when it comes to exchanging words, you’re the master. My site will not just make you laugh; it will equip you with sharp words for your haters and evil wishers. There’s something you must have noticed with the little time you have spent on my site. You’d see you can flow naturally with comedy and entertainment. You can get to make people laugh easily. So check ya-self. If this quality isn’t in you, then you are the rotten egg. Come for extra lessons. Many people became professional comedians by spending time with my site. So, enjoy. 

Best Hilarious Jokes

1. This would be my dogs tinder profile picture

Hilarious Jokes

2. Baby: I love my parents for giving me me a bath and tucking me inti sleep
Baby to baby: sit yourself

3. That’s enough internet

4. That last look in the mirror
before you leave your house and go to cheat

5. When you finish arguing with someone
and they try to say something under their breath

6. When ur friend’s doing some embarrassing shit
so u act like yor not with them

7. Today the nut tree
Tomorrow the world

8. 5mins into #CincoDeMayo and chill
and your pup give you this look

9. When a guy way shorter than you asks for your number

10. When life gets stressful
but you finally decide you don’t give a shit

11. This is what happens when you graduate
from an online university

12. When you call someone on their bullshit and you’re
waiting for their response.

13. Me: What’s good gorgeous
Her: Boy bye you too young, i like my men older

14. Would you like to hear about our
lord and savior aquaman?

15. When you graduated but cheated on every exam

16. When you in yout final semester of nursing
School and fianancial aide cut you off

17. 2016 Honey I found a pic fo your grandmother
2090 Honey I found a pic fo your grandmother

18. Me: Mom I’m going to a party later
Mom: Do you have a ride home?

19. Oh, so because I don’t lift I’m not sexy?
I bet It’s sexy when i lift my wallet
and pay for all the shit you want

20. That moment
When you feel a protein fart coming

21. Me: I’m so ugly
Mom: You’re so beautiful

22. When the service fucked up
And you gotta take money off your bill

23. How ur finger feels
When U wipe Ur Ass & get sum boo boo on it

24. When you tell someone to take a picture of you
but they don’t know how to work the phone

25. How all Italians dads look while watching TV

26. My grandma is trying to sell her house in Florida
and these are the pics I am laughing so hard

27. The ‘urban hipster’ starter pack

28. When you overdo the whole adoption thing

29. When someone says
‘I thought you were on diet’…
‘How about you mind your own damn business’

30. When you’re at yoga when that burrito starts to digest:

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