Best Yo Mama Jokes

Best Yo Mama Jokes

Today was another day of thinking deep, but the consequence was devastating. I forgot the chicken in the fryer, and it was completely burnt. I was thinking about life as usual. Today is Sunday, and I can recall the words of the preacher fully. The preacher got me thinking about my life, especially my deeds. Due to my profession, I can’t count the number of times I’ve told lies to people. In fact, that’s the heart of comedy. Comedians are destined to tell lies throughout their career. I know many of you will be wondering how I got into stuff I said you on my site. While many of them are true. “True” in the sense that they are not purely lying.

None is strictly true. Why are you looking at me that way as though I’m a stinking wretched liar and sinner of some sort? Aren’t we all liars? Don’t you exaggerate? The fact that you cant say something exactly the way it makes you a liar. Such a cool-tempered bruv.

Most comedians are just a bunch of thieves and bastards. They aren’t original. I took a survey online, and I saw many comedy sites copying my style and swag. They twist many of my content, jokes and the rest. I think I have to brand and copyright my business from this idiots. They want to destroy my hard earned labor. Do you know how I started in comedy? Do you do all the things I went through before getting this far? Don’t ever you guys mess with my site again or I’ll rain a hell of jokes on ya mama. Yo mama fat jokes are so bad that in fact, they’re right. Won’t you love me to make fun of yo mama right? So y’all comedians should behave ya selves and stop the copycat activity.

In one of the series, I was sharing experience on how I wanted to commit suicide cos of a lady that broke my heart. Remember that series? I tied one end of the rope around the mast and the other end around my neck and then…boom(i released myself to die) I believed I wasn’t important in life. After all, I had nothing to lose. I had no property to myself; I didn’t even have a pair of shoes. I woke up the next day and sighed, now I know I’m in heaven. The environment looked familiar; this isn’t heaven I said. It was my room. How come? How did I end up here? I retook the rope, this time, I went to a tall tree in the forest and repeated the whole process. I released myself…R….. I……P.

Hours later, I woke up again in my room. I was frustrated, what the hell is happening? The next day I considered another option. I went to the highway and stood in the middle. The police had me in custody for some days. After I was released, I resolved to start again on a fresh page. Today, I never regret my decision. I cruise in anyhow I want in my Lamborghini Diablo. Recently I met Kate, guess what happened….to be continued in next series. See ya. 

Best Yo mama jokes

1. Yo mama so fat
I had to let her pass

Funny yo mama jokes

2. Yo Mama so stupid
She tried to climb Mountain Dew

3. Yo Mamma so stupid
She climbed over a glass wall to see what’s on the other side

4. Yo’ mama’s so fat

5. Yo mama so stupid she got fired from a blow job!

6. I had weed
Then I woke up yo mama on me

7. When yo mama talking to everybody
after church service and won’t unlock the car

8. When yo mama promised to take y’all to McDonald’s
but ends up making boiled hotdogs instead…

9. When yo mama fuckin the barber V.S. when they stop

10. Yo momma so stupid
She thought illuminati was a power company

11. Yo Mama so fat
She blocks the wifi signal

12. The thing about « your mom » jokes is that they’re all old and overly used…
…..Like your Mom

13. I would make a joke about your Mom
But cows are sacred in my country

14. Yo mama so white
She could go to her wedding naked

15. Yo Mama so stupid
She made a blonde look smart

16. Yo Mama so fat
That scientists are worried she’s helping the earth become a black hole.

17. Yo Mama so old
Her flashbacks are in black and white.

18. Yo Mama so fat
The National Weather Service gives a name to each one of her farts

19. Yo Mama so dumb
At the bottom of the application where it says
« sign here »… she put « Sagittarius. »

20. Yo Mama so bald
Birds land on her head

21. Yo Mama so dumb
When she went to heaven she asked why am I here

22. Yo Mama so dumb
She put a hot wet towel on her mattress so she can have wet dreams

23. Yo Mama so stupid
She thought that the Power Rangers were electricians

24. Yo Mama so dumb
She rented a Hot Air balloon so she can watch the men play Air Hockey

25. Yo mama so fat
I ate her

26. Yo mama so fat,
She is « What’s eating Gilbert grape »!

27. Yo mama so fat, she put on a pair of Guess jeans
and the answer popped out.

28. Yo Momma’s so stupid
She sold her care for gas money

29. Your mama so fat!
Nothing! Nothing!

30. Yo Mama so stupid she yelled into an envelope
Trying to send a voicemail

31. Yo mama’s so fat
China uses her to block the internet.

32. Yo mama’s so fat…
That when she hauls ass, friends help.

33. Yo mama so fat
That Jiraiya frequently mistakes her for Gamabunta

34. Yo mama so fat
That I need 2 pokeflutes to wake up her ass

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