Black People Jokes

Black People Jokes

I’m not white or black, but there is one thing I know for sure, you are of either race. I am not a racist. I believe all are equal and should be treated as such. There is one thing I think for sure, I guess not all have a sense of humor. For blacks, I believe they are hard people speciallay with black people jokes. They don’t get to laugh until something is funny but whites? Jeez, many of them are natural laughing machines. Everything is strange to them. I remember telling one of them I live 50meters below sea level the next thing I noticed was that she was rolling on the ground with laughter. I was embarrassed. Such a pretty lady was acting like a piglet. Now, tell me. Whats funny with my living in the soil? Is that not where I chose to make my home? Man, whats your biz? Who cares if I decided to live in the ocean? White guys are too sensitive to words. But black guys? Jeez! There’s an African phrase that says “boys are not smiling” yeah, boys are not smiling assuming all boys were black. To make black laugh, you must be funny or else they’d devour you in anger. But I have a secret formula; I’d catch them with the PPT. Yeah, that’s how we spun black people into laughter. We use the PPT. Haven’t you found out the meaning of PPT yet? For the records, it means PRECIPITATE in chemistry class and if you’re not cool with my definition, get yours. Anything cocky is funny to blacks, they’d go mad with laughter, you give it a try. We have a lot of them in this category on our website so try visiting them.

There’s something called RLE in the dictionary (don’t worry too much about this, I’d tell you the meaning) it means Reverse laughing effect. I don’t know if you have ever heard of that before, but this is how it works. Sometimes when you listen to, or you read a joke, it doesn’t seem funny at first. About three days later, you experience something that makes you remember the joke then you keep laughing repeatedly to yourself. This is what is called the reverse laughing effect. It is familiar to blacks a lot. “whenever a joke tickles them,” they may not react at first. Strange, isn’t it?  

1. This be black moms on Christmas when they told their kid they not getting
the Jordan’s, but they actually get it for them.

Black Jokes

2. Eugene Carver
First African-American to be
Ridin around & Gettin it

funny black jokes

3. Then Jesus turned to Peter and Said
« Look at da flicka da wrist »

4. Where were these 9 years ago all i wanted was
decent skin colors. Do u know how many orange people i
had crayola do u

5. #growingupblack You knew when you saw these niggas
in the movie a bitch about to get punched

6. After touch a black woman

7. When white media tries to
Make you feel sorry fo dead cops

8. When I see 5″4 lightskin girls on my Timeline

9. Squad goals

10. How black pastors look endorsing Trump

11. Every black person got this bowl in their house no matter how money they got

12. « You not black if you don’t get eat pig feet »

13. The black delegation would like to trade Soulja Boy fo Joe Biden

14. It’s February 27th, and we got hood poses with Oscars.
Life is grand.

15. How niggas be when that child suppport bill come in

16.Oh my god, his eye Twitched!
Backup! We need backup!

17. Niggas be like
I get hoes bro!

18. The « oooh I’m tellin. » starter pack

19.When you grandma step in to
stop your mom from beatin you

20. #growingupblack « Boy can’t nobody tell the
Diffrence wear it or you gettin a whoopin! »

21. This first nigga
Who started the come to your crib unannounced shit

22. That one picture hanging in every black grandma’s house

23. How i feel leaving work after
using my fake ass customer service personality all day.

24. I’d like to take a moment & thank
god my lips ain’t like this

25. So you niggas celebrate St Patrick day
But not black history month?
I don’t get it!

26. Black parents be like
Beat they ass or i’m beating yours

27. When you see another natural in public
What’s good fam

28. Tell me a time in U.S history
When this country wasn’t
treating black people like this

29. If your black you KNOW there houses

30. Black parents don’t know the meme of reflexes,
Just because i blocked your slap doesn’t mean
I want to fight pls

31. Looking at my light skin friends today like

32. I knew dem greens ain’t taste right
Dud you make them greend Chel?

33. When your teacher called home and your
mama sitting on the couch waiting on you

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