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Can Kohli score 100th century?

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Virat Kohli has not scored a century in the last two years. His last hundred (136) came in the Pink-Ball Test in Kolkata in November 2019 against Bangladesh. Twice in the recent series in England, the captain failed to convert a 50-plus score into a hundred, clearly showing that he has let pressure get to him. Read more

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Can Kohli score 100 centuries Quora?

Yes definitely Virat will score more than 100 centuries in his career. He is so close to break the record of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. He had already made 64 centuries. 25 in test cricket and 39 in one day internationals.

Has Virat Kohli scored a century?

On this day two years ago (23 November 2019), at the Eden Gardens, Virat Kohli scored his 70th international century when he scored a match-winning 136 in the pink-ball day and night Test match against Bangladesh.

Who is cricket king?

Virat Kohli, king of... - ICC - International Cricket Council.

Is 200 counted as century?

Again, from Wikipedia article "Century": Scores of more than 200 runs are still statistically counted as a century, although these scores are referred as double (200–299 runs), triple (300–399 runs), and quadruple centuries (400–499 runs), and so on.

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How many times Tendulkar got out on 99?

Tendulkar has been dismissed nine times between scores of 90 and 99. Although Tendulkar made his ODI debut in 1989 it was only after five years he made his first century in the format.