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A joke is something that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are a kid or an adult you would love to listen to some amazing Cheesy jokes that would make you laugh out loud. The best thing about jokes is that whether they are funny or not you will always listen to the person telling the joke very carefully. If you have found something funny you will surely laugh. If there was nothing funny about the joke you will still laugh at the confidence of the person with which he was telling you the Cheesy Jokes.
So, we can say that whether you like the joke or not you will surely laugh. Cheesy Jokes are the best therapy for the mind and body. The reason is that when you laugh your mind will relax, if you do not laugh you will run behind the person who told you the stupid joke to hit him and something funny will surely happen that will make you laugh. This is the reason we advise you should never underestimate the power of the jokes even if they are Cheesy Jokes

Stupid jokes can always make you laugh

We know that you hate Cheesy Jokes and you would never like to hear these jokes and God forbid read them. However, where we have the biggest collection of the Cheesy Jokes that are so bad that you will instantly fall in love with these jokes. You will love the way hoe perfectly they have been organized in such a way to assure that you can see they are bad. Even if you would try to ignore the Cheesy Jokes, they are so attractive that you will not be able to stop reading the jokes until you are done with them.
Here you will find all types of Cheesy Jokes and some of them are even connected with cheese.

1. You will notice that some of the jokes are so bad that they will make you groan but eventually, you will start laughing at their stupidity.

2. If you are the joke guy of the school or office make sure that you know all the Cheesy Jokes. You might have to compete with anyone sometimes and these are the Cheesy Jokes that will help you win because most of the people prefer to ignore these jokes.

3. The Cheesy Jokes will allow you to take your joke sharing capabilities to the next level because there will be no joke in the world that you will not know about. So it is the time that you increase your joke knowledge.

Make sure that you share the fun with everyone

When you notice that the things are getting serious and there is no one who can make everyone laugh, make sure that you start sharing your Cheesy Jokes. With the amazing jokes, you will not let others suspect that you are about to share a joke. The best part is that everyone will start laughing at the stupidity of the jokes and they will love the fact that you have been able to lighten the mood.

Make sure that you share all these Cheesy Jokes with your friends and family members so that they can groan and laugh at the same time just like you did. However, make sure that you maintain your distance from everyone while sharing the Cheesy Jokes because they might attack you anytime.

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#32 Father of the young Caribbean woman

The father of the young Caribbean woman said to three Caribbean men:
"which eva one a yal could make me laff wit the words liva an cheese get to marry me daughter". The first man - a bajan - said
"i eat me sone liva and chees fo free."
The second - a jamaican - said:
"me no eva eat me liva an cheese mon.
Dat stuff taste like mash bullfrog dip in pee.
The TRINI said:
"Yo man dat jamican know he eat liva, and dat bajan he eat cheese.
But me, I say dat when it come to dat gal man, liva alone; cheese's mine!


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