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Laughter is the most important part of life. There are many individuals that love to share amazing Corny Jokes. You will notice that they will have a joke for every moment. Whether you want to listen to their jokes or not they will assure that they share them with you. It is the payback time. We know that you are tired of their jokes because most of them are Corny Jokes. You want to show that you have your own inside jokes as well. to help you out we have the biggest collection of the Corny Jokes that will help take the lead next time.

There is no need to listen to the jokes of others when you have the best collection of Corny Jokes just by your side. you will simply fall in love with how the jokes will make you groan at the beginning and after that, it would be hard for you to stop laughing.

Don’t afraid to be embarrassing

You might have been wondering that why you should tell the Corny Jokes when there are so many other amazing jokes available. You should know that there are some situations when only Corny Jokes can make the other person laugh and so you have to assure that you do not miss this opportunity because you will get it only once in your life. Remember that guy who used to ask your stupid questions and then he gave some of the silliest answers that made you laugh. Same is going to happen here with our collection of the Corny Jokes.

1. We have the biggest collection of the unique Corny Jokes that you will not find anywhere else.

2. Once you will start reading the jokes, in the beginning, it would be hard for you to understand but as you keep on reading you will start laughing at the stupidity of the jokes.

3. When you will share these amazing jokes with the joke guy in your office. You will notice that even he will fall in love with your jokes and would surely ask you that from where you have found such collection of jokes. Make sure that you keep it our little secret.

Hard to control laughter

We know that there are some tough situations in life where you will get scary eyes when you will tell a joke. However, when you will have the Corny Jokes by your side you will not have to worry about eyes because the joke starts with the question and others will feel like you are going to share something important. However, when you will give a corny answer to the question that you have asked you will simply fall in love with the response of the people. they will first groan and suddenly one of them will start laughing that will make others laugh as well.

So, assure that you do not keep all these amazing jokes to yourself and share them with those that need some kind of groaning therapy. There is no need to by shay or be afraid that others will hate you for the jokes because there are chances most of the people start showing love. The best thing out our Corny Jokes is that they are stupid yet hilarious and you can share them with your friends and family members. They are perfect to get the party started, so keep reading.


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#1 Restaurant

A rope walked into a restaurant and ordered a milkshake.The waiter said Are you a rope?The rope said Yes.The waiter said We dont serve ropes.So, the rope went out and burnt off his ends and tied himself into a knot. The rope went back into the restaurant and ordered a milkshake.The waiter asked Are you a rope?. The rope said No, Im a frayed knot.


#36 Police station

A snail entered a police station and told an officer"I just got mugged by two turtles. They beat me up and took all my money!"The officer replied, "Why that's terrible. Did you get a good look at them?""No sir, it all happened so fast!"


#66 Job

I was at the end of a pretty long job interview when the interviewer said, Well, I think that's all, do you have questions for me? I thought for a second then asked, Whats the capital of Poland?


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