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Did Eowyn go to Helms Deep?

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Éowyn accompanies Theoden as he leads Edoras's people to Helm's Deep; when the column was attacked by Warg-riders, she asks to fight, but Theoden orders her to lead the people on to the fortress. Read more

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Where was Eowyn during the Battle of Helm's Deep?

What was Eowyn doing during the Battle of Helm's Deep? - Quora. She was at Dunharrow, grappling with despair. Her alter-ego Dernhelm was being prepared, ready to step forward. When the final, crushing blow came, the realisation of her unrequited love for Aragorn, Eowyn 'died'.

Did Arwen go to Helms Deep?

Arwen was initially going to fight in the Battle of Helm's Deep, one of the most famous battles from Lord of the Rings that occurs during The Two Towers. ... Some scenes of Arwen fighting were filmed, but according to the DVD extra features of The Two Towers, these scenes were leaked, and they weren't well received.

What happened to Eowyn after LOTR?

Éowyn passes out from the pain in her arm, and is believed dead until Prince Imrahil realizes she still lives. Éowyn is brought to the Houses of Healing, hovering near death from the effects of having struck the Nazgûl.

Which elves came to Helms Deep?

The only elf present in the battle was Legolas. Elrond could request Lorien elves to march to Helm's Deep.

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Most frequently asked questions

Is Haldir related to Legolas?

Haldir was able to speak to the Fellowship, for he knew the Common Tongue. He welcomed Legolas as a distant kinsman from the north (Mirkwood), and recognized Aragorn as a friend to Lady Galadriel. ... After consulting with his brothers, Haldir agreed that Gimli could enter if he went blindfolded.

Is Haldir related to Galadriel?

Haldir is first met on a talan on the western border of Lothlórien. He frequently serves as the intermediary between the player and Galadriel during the epic story.

How did Aragorn bring Éowyn back to life?

Aragorn was able to heal her using athelas, with the mystical assist of his royal blood to seal the deal. No, Eowyn was not dead when Aragorn called her back, though she was dying. He healed her of what would otherwise have been a terminal illness (the Black Breath), but he did not resurrect her.

How long did Arwen live?

In the year 121 of the Fourth Age, after Aragorn's death, Arwen died of a broken heart at Cerin Amroth in Lórien, and was buried there one year after the death of Aragorn, to whom she had been wedded for 122 years. She was 2901 years old.

Why was Arwen cut from Helms Deep?

It appears that scenes of Arwen fighting at Helm's Deep were filmed, but Peter Jackson decided not to use them. According to Beren, who worked on the production, Liv Tyler didn't suit the Xena-type roll that Arwen was going to have, so it was rewritten to suit her acting style.

The Lord of the Rings unused and deleted scenes DEFINITIVE COMPILATION HD

Why did they go to Helms Deep?

Saruman sought to defeat and conquer the Rohirrim, not merely occupy Rohan. Saruman believed his Uruk Hai would sweep all before them and he knew Theiden the king was at Helm's Deep, so that's where he went.

Why is it called Helms Deep?

Helm's Deep, named for Helm Hammerhand, was a fortified gorge in the White Mountains located below the Thrihyrne. It lay near the Westfold and was the location of the Hornburg. It was later made famous by the Battle of the Hornburg, a major battle of the War of the Ring.

Is Helms Deep in Rohan?

Helm's Deep was a valley in the north-western White Mountains of Middle-earth. Helm's Deep, with its fortress the Hornburg, becomes the refuge of some of the army of Rohan, the Rohirrim, under King Théoden, from assault by the forces of Saruman.

How old is Legolas?

According to the LOTR film guide Legolas was born in TA 87 making him 2931 years old at the time of the War of the Ring.

Are Legolas and Arwen related?

Are Legolas and Arwen related? No, there is no connection between Legolas and Arwen. If there is any connection between Legolas and Arwen, they must be distant cousins. ... Arwen is a descendant of King Thingol, While Legolas is a descendant of Thranduil.

Is Thranduil older than Elrond?

He and his twin brother Elros were born 58 years before the end of the First Age. He is 6,520 years old when he sails west with the other Ringbearers. So Thranduil is at most 808 years younger than Elrond, but he could be closer in age or even older.

Who heals Éowyn?

Aragorn heals Éowyn in the Houses of Healing.

Does Aragorn know magic?

Letter No. 155 does not support any point of view because Tolkien himself abandoned this line of thought. It is impossible to show that Aragorn could not use magic — but neither do any of the passages above state explicitly that Aragorn was using magic.

What did Gimli say?

Either way, Gimli of course takes offense at this, and replies with "Ishkhaqwi ai durugnul" which means "I spit on your grave" in the common tongue. It is said in an old form of Dwarvish, known as Khuzdul.

What does Aragorn say to haldir?

Aragorn: "Merin le telim." (I wish we may come with you.) [Haldir answers quietly, again so that only Aragorn can hear his words.] Aragorn: "Henio, aníron boe ammen i dulu lîn!" (Please, understand, we need your support!)

Why did all the elves turn when Legolas?

They turned to face Legolas. Haldir and Legolas are both Prince's. Legolas of Mirkwood and Haldir of Lothlorien. Because they had travelled the entire way with Haldir there was no reason to 'greet him” as they essentially did to Legolas.

How old is Treebeard in Lord of the Rings?

It's believed that many of Treebeard's mannerisms were based on Tolkien's friend C.S. Lewis, a loud, bombastic man known for his powerful stride and overwhelming presence. The Top Trumps card game lists Treebeard as being 17,051 years old.