Funny Clean Jokes

Funny Clean Jokes

We all enjoy listening to jokes that make us laugh as it frees us from the boring occasions in life. And there goes the saying « laughter is the best medicine ». Without a sense of humor, the world would just be a duller place and it would have lots of young people with wrinkles on their faces. Don’t start aging early, there are plenty of jokes to make you laugh and feel happy. Have you ever heard of clean jokes? Yah, I am sure you have heard them and most probably, you are looking for some to share with your friends and family. They are the kind of jokes you can tell kids and your co-workers without getting in trouble! You won’t feel shy to tell anyone regardless of their age or gender.
Good clean jokes are true humor as they are timeless, hilarious and very funny. What is humor? It is something funny in its own right. Clean jokes usually point out something about human nature or the society at large. However, you will always find humor sincerely silly if not completely ridiculous. It becomes humorous by blending the regular with the ridiculous. Did you know non-clean jokes usually hurt the feelings of other people? Imagine a situation where you are telling jokes but there is no reaction from the crowd. They are all looking at you like, « What the hell? » « Seriously? » That’s when you know it is no longer funny.

If you are like me, most crude jokes are always offending whether I laugh or not. They only become funny if you are telling them to the right group or people. Do you ever ask yourself why we categorize jokes as clean or dirty? Well, there are several reasons for that but let me keep it simple. The most common reason why clean jokes fall into a popular category of jokes is that they are safe with a young audience or sensitive people. Everybody needs a laugh sometimes but dirty jokes are always viewed as inappropriate in family-oriented gatherings or other places such as work.
Why clean jokes? The good thing about clean jokes is that you can put a smile on people’s faces without offending them in any way. Any person you tell this joke will be laughing uncontrollably and probably share them with others as to why they found it funny. Life is always happy when we make others happy too. How about you pin up a clean joke in your office or at home for your friends and family to see? No offense but they provide some hysterical stories that you can share with others.

Jokes are funnier when gestures or actions are applied. Keep in mind that gesture sounds greater than words. More often people believe that sarcasm and irony are the primary elements of humor. So, does it mean that you should never crack jokes if you don’t have a sarcastic sense of humor? No, not at all. What happens is that the rule holds good for different kinds of jokes but if you don’t find a joke funny or interesting, then you shouldn’t bother telling them either. The plain truth is that a joke only becomes funny if the audience understands it.

Aren’t their moments you wish you could land back on your feet like a joke Ninja with one hilarious or funny story after another? I am sure you do but only if people are up to your jokes and want to hear more and more of them. If you have been looking for clean jokes to tell anyone, look no more since you can find all of them here on my website. If you want to tell a clean joke, you should actually know the joke and the only way to know it is to practice it.

Tell them to your spouse, your kids, and your dog. Trust me, you will have to tell the jokes a few times before you do it for real. So, go ahead and crack your best clean jokes. Chances are that you will relieve stress both at work and home. The greatest thing, you will be the life of the party!!

1. Give me 3 points
3 points
3 points please
Here you are ! 3 points for everyone!!!

2. They tell me to get in shape
Round is a shape!

3. I’m Bob Dylan what


4. When your friends make plans right in front of you and don’t invite you


5. Patience young grasshopper

6. You don’t recycle

7. Oh, you have regular abs?
Has leg abs

8. Keep recycling
Jesus approves

9. Me trying to make my wash hair days line up
with my social events

10. Imagine how fun you coud have with these
While serving random couples in a coffe shop

11. Life of Pi
After budget cuts

12. Instagram is down
just describe your lunch to me

13. Let’s be honest
There was room for 2

14. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

15. Try Redbull, they said
It gives you wings they said

16. Catholics be like…
On fat tuesday

17. Phteven.
Bringing sexy back.

18. I can wash myself
you know

19. Here mother, I bought you a bed
said no son ever

20. Cheers.
To the greatest two people to ever exist.

21. No!
I’m not coming out until monday is over!

22. A teacher asked her students to use the word « beans » in a sentence.

23. Barry B. Benson

24. When you hit the last lap in Mario Kart and the music speeds up

25. New favorite bathroom sign
Whatever just wash your hands

26. The oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve
Surprise! Surprise! It was an Apple.
But with extremely limited memory.
Just 1 byte.
Then everything crashed.

27. Trying to explain to your parents that you can’t pause a multiplayer game.

28. Whe the meme officially dead
wot’n cremation

29. When you clean out a vaccum cleaner.
You become the vaccum cleaner.

30. When you telling jokes
And some little kids come around

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