Funny Condom Jokes

Funny Condom Jokes

It is funny how sex and other bodily functions have always been a source of humor and a staple ingredient for most comedian routines, especially the condom jokes. You might refer to them as childish and immature but many love jokes about sex. If you do not like them, don’t worry, you are about to be the greatest fan! There are a number of reasons why most of us find sex funny. Maybe you are used to doing it, or you make mistakes doing it, or there is just something awkward that makes us fumble about it. Nevertheless, condom jokes are meant to be funny and at the same time act as a lesson when it comes to contraception.
Are you ready to blow your mind with some hilarious condom jokes? Perhaps to boost your mood in a moment? We might all laugh at these jokes but they also remind us the importance of having safe sex. Sure, young people love to experiment, but they wouldn’t want to take the risk if it concerns their health. Condom jokes are meant to provide a sort of entertainment with a bit of education. They are probably the safest way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and prevent the spread of STDs. You might want to tell these jokes to people who see no need for having a condom before sex.

Probably the most affected in this category are the youths. Telling these jokes to such a group makes laughs come easily and swiftly as they provide a good sense of humor. Although using condoms for safe sex is no laughing matter, these condom jokes are just worth a laugh. We thought to take a humorous approach about the condom conversation in honor of April being the month of STD awareness. Never underestimate the importance of using them, trust me. Nothing can ruin your year like having an STD or unwanted pregnancies.

Most condom jokes usually revolve around stories that show regret and frustration as to why people never used a condom before jumping into sex. How does it feel to know that you are going to have a baby when you never expected one? Did you ever think of the consequences of ignoring the pack of condoms you bought secretly from the pharmacy? Or is it just about « Don’t think now but remember later? »

Generally, people feel shy to talk about condoms because of the fear that they will be laughed at. Would you prefer to be laughed at or spend the next 9 months waiting for a baby you never expected? Very disappointing especially if you aren’t capable of paying your own bills! That’s when you know that sex without condoms is magical. The father always disappears once the baby appears.

Now since you feel shy bringing up the talk about the use of condoms, how about you use jokes instead? Make people laugh, and be willing to hear more of your jokes. They learn at the back of their mind about the importance of using condoms. Of course, you can have a light joke about it without making the other person feel embarrassed. It also encourages your friends to open up and speak frankly about their funny sex episodes.
Although you might be conscious about using a condom, it is important to educate your partner too by sharing some of these jokes with them. The girl I met last week on a date invited me back to her place afterward for a coffee. While walking into her flat, she ripped off all her clothes before pushing me onto the couch. As she was pulling down my boxer shorts, I said, « Aren’t we forgetting something? » « Never mind about a condom, I’m on the pill, » she said. « I was referring to our coffee, » I replied. I know most of you would have been all smiling about the ordeal but what can you learn from the joke? Am I the one to blame or my partner? That’s a food for thought.

Funny Condom Jokes

1. My parents decided not to use a condom and now i have to pay bills,
have a career, deal w my mental health,
It’s litarally so rude of them

Condom Jokes


2. Picking up white girls just got easier

3. When she says it’s ok for me to take the rubber off.

4. Baby are you a « condom »
Because i always feel safe with you

5. Bronken condom style!
Heeey that’s your baby!
Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope! Nope!
Broken condom Style

6. But you know what my mom alwalys says?
« Why’d I stop using birth control? »

7. Cashier: (Cash condoms) Sir you need a bag?
Me: no she isn’t that ugly

8. Condom in America vs condoms in Italy

9. Condom sleeping bag and pillow.
Now you can sleep where you should have ended up…

10. He has no job, still live at home & the condom breaks

11. If someone breaks me, it’s 1 year bad luck.
That’s nothing…If someone breaks me, it’s 7 years of bad luck

12. This a condom filled with spaghetti. Like for 5 years of good luck,
ignore for 10 years of bad luck

13. To all the niggas that claim their dick is too big for condoms,
Stop the lies

14. What have womens and comdoms have in commons?
If they’re not on your penis, they’re in your wallet.

15. Niggas will eat the pussy then put put a condom on…
Like Bro… You already ate the AIDS … Its safe

16. No I’m not joking
I am a catholic i can’t sell you these condoms so please try register 8.
Oh and she is muslim so take your ham to register 9

17. Ok but why does quinoa look like a bowl of tiny condoms

18. Sweden scientists has come out with new condoms
for those who worry about comdoms coming out during sex,
The new condom name is pantie comdom.
It gives 100% protection against STDs and unwanted pregnancy..

19. Thin as a politician’s promise

20. Told yo ass to KEEP the condom on!
Now look a t you, all worried and shit!

21. When bae says she’s in the mood for fast food

22. When she asks if you have a condom
so you flash a chicken flavored top
ramen season packet & slide in raw af

23. When you buy your first box of condoms
and are about the test them with the homie

24. When you give your friend a broken condom and your mom gets pregnant

25. When you give your son a broken condom
and ua daughter gets pregnant

26. When you sittin there waiting for him to put a condom like

27. When you use condom

28. You throw your condom in trash and 18 years later this show up on your doorstep

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