Funny dirty jokes

Funny dirty jokes

Hello there. I know ya’ll have missed me a lot. I’m back now; I had to attend to personal health issues. I’ve been in the hospital for many months now. I almost fainted when the doctor advised me to go for a pregnancy test. Mehn, I didn’t do that shit. How in the earth can that be possible? Guys don’t get pregnant, do they? And if they do, I ain’t gonna be the first guy to deliver kids this century. That shit is a crazy and embarrassing man, what kind of doctor would suggest that for a guy? Here’s what I told the doctor before I banged outta his office. “See baby, I ain’t gonna do that shii, you can tell that to ya mama or some other guy” just when I got to my crib, I told the guys about what happened, and they all laughed.

Suddenly, I began feeling uneasy, and soon I started screaming. People thought I was playing one of my comedy tricks. Intermediately, I was on the ground rolling, and suddenly I gave birth to three kids. What the hell was that? Someone watching the scene fainted. Immediately, everyone disappeared from the nasty sight. I was still unaware of what was happening to me until I started hearing babies cry. I after that I SCREAMED when I woke up. What a nasty dream, haven’t had such for more than a hundred years now. I was a little confused; different thought raced through my mind.

Damn what if that happened in real life? I would make the headlines on TV and probably become the most famous man in the world. I had to spend some days in the hospital for body check now I’m back to my profession. While I was at the hospital, I was thinking of how I’d narrate this story to y’all. Let’s get back to business. Now and henceforth, we’d do things like matured people not like some babies crying for milk from their mother’s boobies in the third world. I’m tired of bogus kids coming to my website to view memes and pictures. There are also some kids with big hair under their armpit who don’t laugh until there are pictures. I plan to give my time to mature people, who don’t need pictures to laugh so let’s get started. What are funny dirty jokes? Have you any idea?

If I said your mum’s tits are sagging, is that a bad joke? Find out more on this category on our website. When a joke is bad, then it means it is offensive however funny it is. If you notice, this kinds of jokes have all to do with insulting peoples moms and dads or attacking people’s pedigree. Well, we will go into more mature details about it. See ya……

Funny dirty jokes

1. This is what happens
When you hold your farts in

2. Hey girls, my severs never go down
But i do

dirty jokes

3. If i was an enzyme, I’d be DNA helicase
So that i could unzip your genes

4. Hmmm… 6 feet tall 26 years old 4 years of college
2 years of graduate school
$45 – 50,000 a year
Hmm 2 tits, 1 pussy


5. Girlfriend may come & go but you will alwayls be with me
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6. I just wanna…

7. There are two types of titties out here.

8. Steak and Bj day
Can’t decide what cut of steak i want

9. There are two types of women

10. You have a dirty mind!

11. Dirty mind
Calm Down I know what it looks like
But It’s just an apple

12. Before you complain about anything on my page
Ask yourself, id i ask you
to follow me mother fucker…

13. Everyone has that one that can turn
any conversation into something dirty

14. Happy birthday doug
You dirty pirate hooker

15. Her: Talk dirty to me bae
Him: Clean your fucking nasty room nasty bitch

16. How do you drow a submarine full of blonde?
Knock on the door.

17. We all have that friend that act innocent
But understands all dirty jokes

18. We all know that one girl
Who acts all innnocents, But is actually
Biggest pervert in disguise

19. « LSD makes users love weight. »
That makes sense.
It’s kinda hard to get to the fridge
When there’s a dragon guarding it.

20. Not sure if dirty joke
Or overthinking it

21. Optimus Primes getto ass cousin

22. Posting you love me
Doesn’t override all the dirty jokes you
post the rest of the week

23. Remeber when it wasn’t ok to make dirty jokes on family jokes
Pepperidge farm remembers

24. That moment when your family is saying dirty jokes
and you have to pretend you don’t understand them
to conserve your pure image

25. We all have that one freind
Who thinks everything in a dirty way

26. When mom and dad make dirty jokes around.

27. When someone tells a dirty jokes
And you get it

28. When someone tells a dirty jokes
in front of the kids…

29. When you get a dirty joke in a show
you didn’t get when you were younger

30. When your friend makes a really dirty joke
and you don’t know if you laugh or hand her a bible:

31. When your parents tell a dirty joke
And you have to pretend like you didn’t understand

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