Funny Jew jokes

Funny Jew jokes

Kikikikiki, lulululululu, monomonomono, chachachachachacha….what’s the madness bro? That’s how to laugh in Spanish. I just went through the previous category jokes with pictures take a look.(link)

Have you seen a native Jew dressed before..jeez they stink He-he? I meant; they smell nice. They feel nice. Oh! You want me to say they suck? Have you forgotten most of my clients are Jews? If I say they stink, do you think they’d keep doing business with me? Jeez, what kind of fool does that? I must agree that Jews can be funny and at the same time, they are strict and strict people. To save my ass, I don’t like to use them for jokes. How many Jew jokes have you heard huh? Just visit my site and get dozens of them. Are you insane? Or, did you lost your girlfriend? Did she break up with you?

That’s why I say you’re a crazy ass fool. I see you’re heading to the bar to get drunk. What will that do to you, Nate? Come to my website and let’s chill out with laughter. All your sorrows will be a thing of the past I can assure you. A heartbreak is nothing when our site gets involved. After we get drunk with laughter, we chase you out of our bar, so you don’t begin to misbehave. Trust me, when you return to your usual self, you’d feel right and continue with your life happily. Shit happens, and there are better ways to cheer up yourself instead of adding to your emotional pain.

There was one lady I met. She was a ruminant human being. That’s the first human I see that has the intricate stomach, the goat’s internal physiology. She kinda stores jokes in her stomach. So whenever she’s bored, shed just replay the wordings of those jokes in her head and begin to laugh. The strange thing is that whenever she laughs, you could see some movement in her belly. Funny isn’t it? She has several breaks up issues, but she is always in a good emotional condition.

Let ‘s take away your emotional pain with very funny Jew jokes. Don’t forget the jokes in this category are for the matured ones. You know we are always working hard to make you laugh. Your laughter is our priority. Greetings to all you hard minds. You never laugh at our jokes. Do you keep ranting “that’s not funny.” what do know about fun? You big round bottom flask idiot…..Honestly, I hate it when people say my shit ain’t funny. Let’s assume they aren’t funny at least you have some head, cant you just pretend they are? Don’t you know how to force laughter? The least you can do is to appreciate my efforts in this field. I use all known scientific method to create jokes. I carry out hypothesis, experiments, write theories…if I or my site cant make you laugh, then nobody else can. It took time to put this hilarious Jew jokes together. Go through them and enjoy.

Funny Jew jokes

1.Gerey loves Jesus
Look at this nose

Jew jokes

2. I named my bro Jew

3. No need to pay me ,
I just keep the tips.

4. Whats  a Rabbit’s favorite drink?
Gin and jewce

5. Jew money

6. What do you call a gay Jew?
A he-blew!

7. Jew
Wat R U doin

8. Don’t Jewish boyfriend was hot like me.

9. If i had a nickel
Everytime i picked up a penny

10. Calls Jesus a zombie Jew
« Omg you can’T defame Mohammed »

11. How could i be racist
My best friend is a black jewish lesbian

12. You cook this jew so damn much
That now it’s so black that
He tried to steal my bike

13. What’s the worst part of being a black Jew?
Having to sit in the back of the oven

14. Ginger and a black guy?
No thanks, I’ll take the Jew in the back

15. Black Jews
at least hes not a woman

16. Keeps kosher for passover
Doesn’t care what i eat in the office

17. How to pick up a Jewish chick

18. I’m not a racist
I just hate blacks, jews, and mexicans

19. With jews
You lose

20. Kicked out of every country we’ve been in
Everyone’s fault but jews

21. Popped a matzah
I’m schvitzin’

22. I never knew my father
was shomer shabbat

23. Thinks Jesus was blacks
Hasn’t ever noticed how light skinned jewish people are

24. Raphae the black jew says
…Dat @$$$ llook kosha

25. What if i told you
I’m a black jew

26. Happy Hanukkah!

27. One fish
Two fish
Red fish
Jew fish

28. Oh, you’re jewish?
Where’s your funny hat?

29. What if a jews wrote the bible
Just to make money?

30. I’m jewish
You can check

31. German courts ban man circumcision
Not sure if being humane
Or just trying to get rid of jews again

32. Hello Stephen?
You have a jew nose

33. The dyslexic Jew in me had a heart attack

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