Funny Jokes for Adults

Funny Jokes for Adults

Funny jokes for adults Did I just hear you say “jokes are now very boring and no longer funny? ” If you just said that, it means you’ve never really understood or read a joke. Comedians have screwed things up. The idea of telling jokes have somewhat seemed to shift from being verbal to being ‘symbolic’ take, for example, the use of memes and pictures. People are getting more dumb every day. Not everyone can picture all those boring and dead stories anymore. To do so, you need memes and pictures to convey your message. It would take a level of cleverness to come up with such ideas like we have at this period where Its just trying to tell funny adult jokes.

Now, more than ever, you get to laugh and forget your middle name. There are a lot of cleverly written funny lines and more still being formulated that will kiss your mind. The best funny lines have been compiled and are being delivered here regularly. You’d get to enjoy them than those old, tedious April fools that are very common and can even get you annoyed when you hear them. There are several funny adult jokes available to make you high.

Take it or leave it, this century is a time of literary death. Few have the ability to spun people into laughter using their literary skills. I missed last century; the literary flow was alive ‘mehn.’ If you read a line, boom! The next thing that happens is that you are on the floor rolling with laughter. There were very funny adult jokes, lines, and stories that will make you crazy. Well, the truth is that jokes have been presented in a better way this century. No need for all those great theories of stories like last century. Today, with just very few words you could get drunk with laughter, and that is what we present to you. I’m so glad to be born in this century.

If you don’t get to laugh, then there are three reasons I can suggest being a jokes specialist and entertainer.
It is either you are a kid or under 18, and these jokes for adults don’t make you laugh. Yeah, there are different kinds of jokes you can tell to different age groups. You can’t funny jokes for adults and deliver them to kids and neither can you take jokes from ed edd n eddy and expect adults like me to be dazed with laughter. So, most of our jokes are aimed at the adults and not the kids. If they don’t make you laugh, then for sure you’re a kid. You need to grow more pubic hair.

What more do you need to make you suffer from “laughterkaemia?” Everything has been compiled on the website. Except you don’t have a sense of humor. Yeah, except you don’t. Some people are just mentally dead; nothing tickles them. If you belong to this category of people, just close this website and see your doctor help improve your optic cells.

Lastly, if you don’t laugh after reading this jokes, it means you are illiterate. Go and get a degree in English grammar, after that, enjoy. 

Funny Jokes for Adults

1. I married her for for her long legs and big boobs
Now she has long boobs and big legs

jokes for adults

2. Always wanted a golden shower

Adult jokes

3. And that’s how I failed my math test

4, Ass eating reatarant in Japan

funny adult jokes

5. Before and after tax season

6. Don’t be fooled $29.99 can make a nice a$$.

7. Adult swim playing the cruelest
April fools joke

8. « Fantastic Four »


10. When you see her pull up them jeans and wiggle that ass a lil bit

11. Did you cum?
Me: yeah to my senses, get out of my house

12. Home alone before
Home alone now

13. I am going in dry

14. I don’t always give a girl an orgasm but when i do, she spits it out

15. I take batteries from my kids’ toys and use them for my vibrator.

16. I’m no mechanic
But those seem pretty well inflated!

17. It’s all about angles

18. Just getting ready for Valentines Day

19. Loses virginity one-night stand tells her he loves her

20. Makes out with girl who just sucked some other guys dick

21. « So if you had to choose a religion, what would you choose? »

22. All that ass is mine

23. So you’re saying i just cry and boobs appear

24. Meanwhile…………
In Miami

25. When He about to be pussy whipped and don’t know yet

26. When I see ass and tits on Instagram

27. When she says it smells like sex in here
but you know that ain’t sex that’s her ass..

28. When your one night stand ask if you eat ass #NotTheFisrtNight
Who you think I am Drake

29. It sure doesn’t look
like the egg in this picture.

30. When you’re getting the worst head of your life

31. When you’re the only one who takes it in the ass

32. Dr.Garrison
Wilson Mc Cloud
Good Hard Cock

33. Eye contact level = expert

34. « Yo Candace your ass is huge »
« Steven, we’ew at work »
« Shit ur right, ur ass VENTI »

36. You know what will save your relationship

37. Pornhub wins the award of the scariest
April fool day prank all the time
Pornhub now has automatic video sharing in your social media accounts

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