Funny Jokes for Kids

Funny Jokes for Kids

Hi kids, dad is back from work. Come here, muaaaaaahhhh. I love you all. I was once a kid like y’all. I wish I could build an empire of lovely kids and entertain them every day. When I was growing up, I used to do that. Some kids will intentionally gather at my place to hear me tell stories. I would tell stories of Superman, Batman, wonder woman and most of them will be filled with laughter. It was with kids I first had this experience of rolling on the floor. Because of our lovely kids, there’s a whole category of funny jokes for kids dedicated to them on the site. Kids from the age 5-13.

From 14 upwards, I don’t see you as kids anymore you hairy PPT people. Parents make sure your kids have their share of laughter. Also, they can visit the site often and read the kid jokes section. Unlike any other category, this is different. It is really funny, educative, informative and exciting. More jokes will be published in this section soon, and we are working on that. Our goal is to gather and entertain so many kids on our site as possible, and we are just a stone cast away from our dream.

Most of the stuff that kids love to hear and listen to is about superheroes of which I am one. In fact, I should be respected, honored and be praised for my heroic deeds but this wretched, arrogant, ungrateful planet. Let me tell you how I saved the world during World War II. Oh! So you think I’m kidding right? Some of your parents were still kids while I was saving the world. Many of you think I’m just an old, fat good for nothing fellow that does nothing but pours saliva on stage trying to tickle your laughing cells. Well, I’m more that, I’m a legend, a hero, a savior something your Batman, Superman can only achieve in comics. Even if I am not acknowledged and regarded, I firmly believe that one blessed day, the angels will reward me for my unmatched service to humanity.

Humanity is full of wretched, ungrateful, glory takers. Everyone just wants to take the glory or be praised for something. Now give a minute silence in respect for the savior of the world. Jeez, that was awesome….like Barry Allen, I run into and out of the future averting terrible disasters saving the whole world again and again. But I’m never credited for it. Some unknown dude just shows up and claims the glory. What if I told you I killed that ancient beast in Gaudevan, France? Yeah, I did.

Something the entire kingdom couldn’t do even the king. One night when I was taking my bath, I heard strange voices in the house. Immediately, I was knocked out. Some few hours later, I woke up in the thick forest. I was kidnapped by the beast. As he was about to chop my head off. I cried, I told him I’d let him know cute Christmas jokes and then after that he could eat me. He stupidly agreed. Just then as I started, I made sure I bore him to death. I told him how foolish the king was and how he was a threat to the kingdom. He laughed till death. That was just one way how I saved the world. Now kids tell mama you want to read some jokes on my site. 

1. When kids get your phone

2. My brother in law was in charge of the kids & this it what
we got to home to

3. How i feel after i walk up the stairs at school

4. When you’ve put your kids to bed over
an hour ago but they’re still up playing

5. Can you tell the most common word student use daily?
Can’t sir!
Brillant! Absolutely right

6. Okay,, we took off your clothes, I got on top of you….
How long’ til it starts feeling good?
I don’t know but I’ve got a headache already!

7. What do you find at the end of everything?
The letter « G »

8. You don’t get lunch.
She thought I was you and fed me twice.

9. Nevermond why, get get mom

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