Funny Lesbian jokes

Funny Lesbian Jokes

Ya ladies better be careful. I would love to give some piece of advice to you. You need to be very very careful, and you need to make sure you consciously engage your brains in whatever you try to do that involves guys. And being serious jokes apart. Many of you are looking for rich, big handsome looking guys to date. What about yourself? Do you make any conscious effort to add value to your life as well? Must you be that parasite that feeds on guys’ money? Cant, you make and get your own money instead of depending heavily on guys? Are you a fucking crazy lesbian, huh?

Most of the guys you look down at today will later become CEOS, managers and very rich and big dudes. Being poor today doesn’t mean being poor forever. In the twinkle of an eye, many of them would have gone down the millionaire fast lane. You know the funny thing? When they finally become rich, they won’t and will never give a damn about you. I remember my life as a kid. I didn’t have much, just a pair of shorts and a shirt. I lived in a hut with a patched roof, and I trekked barefoot to school. Everyone made a mockery of me including ladies. I made the mistake of my life when I started to crush on a lady in high school. Sometimes does our material possession deny us some certain privileged we have as human beings? For example, a sane and intelligent human like me walking barefoot because I can’t afford a pair of shoes. Does that mean I cant fall in love with a lady?

I had a funny experience while at the university, this is what inspires me to tell funny lesbian jokes. I fell in love with a tall, fair and beautiful looking lady. I blame my self badly whenever I remember her cos. It saddens me. I was handsome too. Like I was your dream girl’s crush just that I had a few material possessions. My throat was cold; my feet were vibrating, my brain was pumping adrenaline to my bloodstream (science students, I hope that’s correct though) my heart was about to jump out my chest. Somehow, I managed to approach her. I began “Kate, I must admit since the first day I saw you I’ve been madly in love with you. I got you these flowers” she laughed almost an hour suddenly, a car packed and a good looking man came out, scanned the whole environment called her name. She walked towards his car as she dropped the flowers then they drove off.

I couldn’t tell what happened. It was as though I was caught up to heaven in a vision. I smiled home and searched for a rope of about 50 inches long. I went to the middle of the street, climbed a radio mast and carefully tied one end of the rope about my neck and the other to a point on the mast then I …………………… be continued on the next episode make sure you get your self-updated. Exclusively on my site alone. Guys, I have good news for you; I’m about to poke fun at all these fucking lesbian ladies, Meet me at the right platform and ensure you come with a bottle of beer cos. It’s a gay party.

funny lesbian jokes

1. When ugly guys ask you out
I’m a lesbian

lesbian jokes

2. My 3 daughters…
Yes my oldest one is a lesbian please don’t judge

lesbian jokes

3. Why the fuck
Does she moan when she’s sucking on a strap-on?

4. When she says she brought a friend home for a threesome
but a dyke walks in wearing a durag and some Timberlands

5. How lesbians send a dick pic

6. This is what girls go to when they say niggas ain’t shit

7. How lesbians signal each other

8. When you wanna be a stud
but yo momma not buying you the right clothes

9. I’m very confused.
I never had a father.
I was raised by two mummies.

10. -Ijs locked up in a cell for 5 years with this stud lesbian
Or transsexual woman.
Who u choose?

11. Lives in a village full of men and no relationship?

12. When you’re lesbian but you wanna impress Satan too

13. I just noticed that Tom Cruise is beginning
to look like a middle-aged lesbian

14. I love Tegan And Sara

15. Lesbian’s #WCW
Lesbian’s girlfriend

16. They look like a lesbian couple

17. Not sure if it’s women’s crush wednesday
Or secret Lesbian coming out the closet

18. When its tax time and niggas find out their girl bi


19. When dudes ask me why I like girls?
Bitch the same reason you do now get out my face

20. The Minnesota Dykings

21. I heard your little sister likes sushi
If you know what I mean

22. That moment you realize
Your home girl can get it

22. When both of your
#WCW finally link up…

23. When you date a stud
cause you want the best of both worlds

24. Ain’t worried bout Nathan
I’m a lesbian

25. When a stud ask you if she can borrow a rubber…

26. When a stud forgets that he is still a she

27. When real lesbians come at them

28. When your side chick tells your girl she’s a lesbian

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