Funny Mexican jokes

Funny Mexican jokes

Do you believe in black magic? Either you say yes or know, but one thing am sure, and sure about is that black magic is real. I had had several experiences with black magic when I voyaged around the world. Apart from the smoking pipe, Mexicans practice black magic too. I have seen so many things with my little eyes. There’s this famous story of this lady who fell in love with a strange guy. The strange man was some spiritualist. He had a deep magic pot.

Every night before he sleeps, he enters the pot and turns to a snake and wanders into the forest. At sunrise, he turns back to his normal self. He managed to charm this lady to fall madly in love with him. One day, after he turned to his serpentine form and wandered into the forest, the lovely lady paid a visit. Since he wasn’t around, she decided to sit and wait patiently for him.

While waiting, she noticed this fairly big old pot and decided to take a look. She carried the pot, but while trying to put it back on its spot, it broke. Immediately, the serpent ran from wherever it was back to his room. While it got there, the pot was split already so there was no way he could transform to his normal self. He called out to the lady and why she did such a terrible thing to him. She, being dumbfounded ran for dear life, and he remained a serpent to this day.

That was tragic but why and what is the essence of black magic? To transform into a goat or gorilla or what? From what I know by experience, black magic doesn’t have a right side. Have you forgotten the story of Dorothy and the wicked witch? Old witches never use their powers for good. Of what importance is black magic then? Screw y’all black magic people, I’m about to learn white magic, there will be trouble for you all. You misbehave or abuse your powers, and I turn you into a heap of salt or a waste bin. I wonder why there isn’t white magic, after all, if black magic exists, there should be white magic as well.

I have a good deal of very funny Mexican jokes for y’all. Which is more entertaining, a magic show or a comedy show? Fat ass, I know you’d opt for a magic show, the truth is, magic is nothing than mere deception and manipulation of people. But comedy is real entertainment for the soul. It relieves the mind of stress, pain, and sorrow. A real comedian is a specialist of the mind. Instead of manipulating people, he treats them. He gives them a better option for joy and happiness. Awnn, sweet. Comedy can come in the form of drama too; a play or a story.

These days I’m more keen on adding value to my site. I will be making very funny Mexican jokes. You’d get to know why Mexicans can never die from the smoking pipe. More importantly, I just lost some good deal of body fat kikikikikiki, kukukukuku, chachachacha. Get your ass to my site now and enjoy yourself. Take your friends and family along. 

funny Mexican jokes

1. Good luck today on your essay, ese.
And I’ll see you when you get home, homes.

Mexican jokes

2. Jesus loves you
Means something else in Mexico.

3. Mexicans be like
Family reunion

racist mexican jokes

4. Mexican home security

5. Mexican jokes and black jokes are pretty much the same
Once you heard Juan you’ve heard Jamal.

6. Mexican Word of the Day
My wife fell down the stairs
So i haf to pick the bishop

7. 1/2 Mexican & 1/2 Puerto Rican
Still manages to fail Spanish

8. I’m Mexican
And I always thought this guys name was « Arturito »

9. Mexicans be like
America aqui I come

10. Mexibans be like
Geting in shape

11. Mexicans be like
La bebe si cabe

12. Mexicans be like
Playing angry birds

13. Mexicans be like
Started from the border now we here ese

14. Mexicans be like…

15. Mexicans be like
Beats by Jose

16. A Mexican’s toughest

17. Mexicans be like
We’re having a kid party for her

18. Mexican family’s be like
‘We got your back’

19. Mexican be like…

20. Mexicans on the PSAT:
« Are you an American Citizen? »

21. Mexicans be like ride together die together.

22. When u know Trump bout to be president
& u gotta tell your friends goodbye

23. Mexicans be like
Pls dont call the borda control

24. You know your Mexican
If you have this bowl!

24. Mexicans be like
I got a friend that can fix that

25. Mexicans be like
Graduation tickets? Yes, I need 43 for the family

26. Mexicans be like
It’s the same thing

27. How do Mexicans feel about Trumps wall?
They’ll get over it

28. Mexicans be like…
#tbt my first lawn mower

29. I hate Tacos!
Said no Juan ever

30. Mexican Word of the Day
My homie farted bad that I couldn’t brief

31. Cholas be like
Das weir

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