Funny One liners jokes

Funny One liners Jokes

Have you noticed that there are some people that cant do physical combat, but people give them a good deal of respect? Can you guess why?? Because they have very powerful mouths. Even though they are not good in physical combat, they have very sharp mouths and can injure you verbally. They’d finish you with just one-liner jokes. They’ve mastered those lines in such a way that they can deliver it anywhere at any time within the right context of the argument. Whats more? They can intelligently come up with new one-liners and terrible punchlines that will keep you in a night vision.

Apart from the part where you get entertained with this one-liners, you can also master them and add them to your arsenal of words and use them when they deem fit. By this, you will command a huge deal of respect for yourself. Everybody around you will maintain their sanity. Don’t laugh at these funny one liners jokes, master them and create yours and you won’t regret it. Undoubtedly, one fool will manage to cross your path one day. When he does, give him a warning. If he persists, snub or ignore him as though he was a flea trying to sniff Pooh. If he tries it again, don’t hesitate to use these one-liners on the person. They will come to their right senses immediately. Whenever they see you next time, they’d bow their heads in humility and give you the respect you deserve.

In 1603, I worked for a particular proud, arrogant and disdainful white man. He mistreated most of his workers, maltreated them and treated them as though they were slaves. In fact, he was a devil towards his black staff. One day, he had a beef with this young black lady. He insulted her parents and used all sorts of humiliating phrases. The lady was in tears; I boldly came to her rescue. I started, “let it drop big dawg.” coward indeed you are, bullying ladies cos she ain’t give you some breast to suck, what happened to ya mama’s boobies? It had an accident? What an Idiot that you are bullying a lady cos she ain’t give you her breast to suck? Suck my dick Nate, or you can kiss my ass instead horny bastard. Look at you, the ugly looking thing only a troll or ape will decide to date you. You and your company are valueless. Go and meet your colleagues in the game and learn proper conduct. You lack manners a lot. Or you want to threaten me with a sack letter? Threaten your mama with that bruv. Bye…have a beautiful day love, muuuaaahhh.

He shook his head as I finished. It was as though he entered a trance and was coming out. The whole staff witnessed the event, and the place turned to a show of mockery and total embarrassment. Everyone was drunk with laughter and joy, next day; all staffs began to resign one after the other. Won’t you entertain and master the jokes now? 

Funny One liners jokes

1. When I’m sneaking my baggage in to my next relationship…

One liners jokes

2. When I’m all snuggled up in my comfy bed and get the sudden urge to pee

3. If Titanic sank in 2015

funny one liners

4. Is that Justin Bieber

5. When u walk inna club and see like five people you slept with

6. When your friends smoke without you

7. When it’s colder in the house than is outside

8. When you give him a fake number and he calls right there

9. When somebody tries to reach on my plate

10. That’s crazy that they give pimps priority seating
along with pregnant women and old folks

11. Me trying to see who the fuck you think you’re talking to

12. If I got paid to hear dudes lie…

13. Seeing assholes u used to be friends with like

14. When you finally get a text back but all it says is « yea lol »

15. When you’ve been partying for days
and finally realize you better go home

16. I’d rather get diabetes then have this
show up in my Halloween bag

17. There are two kinds of people in this world

18. When you open an app and it turns off your music

19. When u forget to bring a sweater to the movie theather

20. When your sibling getting yelled at for some shit you did

21. Ma face when ppl try to hook me up
with somebody I would never date

22. When she can’t cook but the pussy good

23. You didn’t really think you were going to sleep in today, did you?

24. How cat people see cats

25. When you’re forced to get a gift for someone you hate

26. Picture of my bloodstream

27. If yo neck hurt that bad you don’t need to be going no where.

28. That’s what I’m talking about

29. When someone says they can roll better than you

30. When you find a girl that actually understands how important memes are

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