Funny racist jokes

Funny Racist jokes

I have said it times without number that I’m not a racist. All of you asking for racist jokes are looking for big trouble. What is the difference between black and white? LIGHT. Remove light from white, and you have black. Add LIGHT to black, and you have white and vice versa. That’s the simple equation.

One thing I know and can beat my chest about is that; blacks are dirty minded people. The word sex drives them gaga. For the females, d***k. For the males, p***y. Why are they like that? Maybe because they have a powerful libido naturally. Or perhaps they’re too local and the event; sex freaks them out. I hate sex damn. I live in an environment where poultry is practiced locally.

Sometimes, I get annoyed with what I see these animals doing, and I got to understand why the male organ is called “cock.” Cocks are a useless specie of arrogant birds. They are always hungry for sex. They threaten and harass the female birds allot. They chase them aggressively force out their **** and put their organ into it. The funniest thing is that they rest on the female in the process. Whenever I see that happening, I get vexed and attack the cock and kick the hell out of it’s but.

Probably why the male organ is naturally violent. Always looking for holes to enter. This is what blacks laugh about. Tell them jokes about sex, violence alright they’d laugh their ass out. That’s what funny black racist jokes are about.

I love blacks allot. Black is beautiful. Awwn. I told you about Kate right? She’s a damn pretty lady. She is black. I love her skin, it was perfect. I lose my senses anytime I’m around her. Long after I planned on committing suicide, I became a famous comedian. I wasn’t an athlete, a rapper or a musician. But I lived a flamboyant lifestyle. I didn’t use to have a pair of shoes but now, I order one almost every morning. I choose to do whatever I want. I don’t think I need an alarm clock for the rest of my life. I don’t live around normal people, my mansion is deep in the mountains. I smoke pipe for breakfast and for dinner. I fix appointment with people at my convenience. Anywhere I go, I keep a chopper with me. Depending on my destination, my choice car varies. I take a Bugatti to work. Work here means “chilling with the ladies.” I take my Lamborghini Diablo to my shows and then my legs do the remaining job.

One day, in my Lambo, I saw Kate and her boyfriend walking down the road. When I saw her, fresh memories of bitterness and pain resurfaced. I noticed she was staring at my Lambo. “Must be in that car must be someone special” she must have thought. I parked, the door became flat and went vertically upwards and I stepped down from the vehicle. You have fun with the racist jokes while you can and anticipate the next episode. Love Ya.

Funny racist jokes

1. We can put a man on the moon but we can’t find a black box
This is the first time she’s ever cared about something black that’s missing

2. We will use the tools that God gave us to fight the n*****:
The whip, the noose, the job application

racist black jokes

3. Jay: « Kim you look like a white person in a black church »

best racist jokes


4. Mexican outfits
Be like

5. If your phone gets wet, try placing it in a bag of rice.
At night, the rice will attract Asians who will fix your electronics for you.

6. I want to cross the street
But there’s a black guy walking towards me and I don’t want him to think I’m racist

7. I went to the Dominican Republic once
They eat cats.

8. Stop arguing with Cavondre’ and start building your credit with Justin.

9. We’re all God’s children
Except the French, nigger, beaners, chinks, kikes, muslins, lib’rals, brain scientist, and commies

10. How white people age
19 Years old
29 Years old
39 Years old

racist black jokes

11. In love
With locked character

12. Question hermetically sealed
And the answer is, Congressman, you’re a racist.

13. Racist jokes are like kids with cancer they never get old! Meme

14. Mexican jokes and black jokes are pretty much the same
Once you heard Juan you’ve heard Jamal.

15. I like being black.
That’s nice.
I like being white.

16. Apple is racist!!!!

17. Wing Wing Wing

18. White guyz be like
Oh you mad huh? Now you see how we feel

19. I’m not racist
My shadow is black

20. When a
Mexican in my front yard

21. What if I told you
That all Arabs are self-hating crypto Jews?

22. Let’s face it
Australia is f***ing racist

racist mexican jokes

23. Juanderbread

24. Fried Japs?
I made plenty of those

25. Oh yes, you speak Japanese…
I hate those goddamn Japs

26. Not sure if
Chinese, Japanese or Korean.

27. It’s been really hard picking a color for my iPhone.
The black one runs faster, but the white one actually works.

28. Black people pool party
You know we ain’t going in

29. Of course I’m black. You ever seen a white tire, you racist motherf*cker!

30. Native ‘Murica

31. White moms be like

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