Funny Short jokes

Funny Short Jokes

I just saw him running down the street he was looking fierce and severe. I was wondering what was going on. Just as I was staring at him, I saw some two other people run past me as well. Jeez! was there someone or something chasing them? I wondered. Suddenly, as I was still watching the race, I saw another person running, jeez! What ! am I dreaming? It was a grandpa. What the hell was going on? Without hesitation, I decided to join the race. I was on my heels as well It was as though we were running for our dear lives. I was hearing sounds like horses running behind me. As I turned back to take a look, I saw hundreds of people running as well. What the hell is going on I thought.

I was feeling very discomforted. I screamed, “can someone please tell me whats going on?” someone replied me instantly, “idiot! The world is coming to an end better run for your life” what! I paused. Whats the meaning of this shit? The world is coming to a what??? Nobody answered. People were still running for dear life. It was like a stampede. “Are you guys crazy?” I yelled. If the world was indeed coming to an end where are you guys then running to? Mars? Pluto? I laughed. I turned direction and started running backwards. I was hearing sounds like that of a storm. The sound was getting louder as I approached a thick bush. I went inside the bush and I was shocked with what I saw. I saw a group of animals beating drums and objects to scare people from the community and turn it into animal kingdom. I laughed hard. TOWAAAII!! I received another slap on my face. I bounced up from my sleep immediately. I fixed my tie wore my shoes and head straight to the stage to entertain the crowd.

Now what name will you call me? Joseph the dreamer or sleeping beauty. I fell asleep on the guest seat during a comedy show. All attempt to wake me up failed then someone suggested a slap on my left cheek (at 30 degrees to the horizontal with your hand well positioned vertically) will do. Man! I almost went deaf. The slap sank deep into my brain. For a minute, my head was destabilized I had to do a reset in my brain. I had some short dirty jokes to tell but I started by narrating my dream to the audience. A rave of laughter traveled throughout the crowd. I was really hearing people barking and hissing. It didn’t take me long to realize that the sounds I heard in my dream were just sounds of music coming from the DEE JAY’S and the musicians. And the group of animals I saw was just the laughing crowd. Jeez! What the hell was that! I think I have to do something about this dreams of mine. I’m starting a series on funny short jokes. You’d be doing your big head a big favor by doing that. Have a nice day.

Funny Short jokes

1. When yo mom says the food is ready

Short jokes

2. I went by the house I grew up in,
and asked if I could go in and look around.
They said no and slammed the door.
My parents can be so fucking rude.

short people jokes


3. I couldn’t quite remember how to throw a boomerang
Then it hit me

4. I’m just a pork infused guy

short dirty jokes

5. When shit works out in the end…

6. Things that make me happy

7. Holding on to the weekend like
Come back!

8. & Then I hit my dougie

9. White people ! Explain yourself !!

10. How I’m dealing with life rn

11. When you text the group and no one responds

12. Fail

13. I recently turned 60. Practically a third of my life is over.

14. They wanted to go to Six Flags
I took them to the creation museum

15. Will i ever chill

16. I don’t have ex’s. I have examples of what not to do again

17. I call bullshit on adults with natural energy.

18. When a ugly nigga grab you at the club

19. Drake be like
You don;t have to do this

20. I call bullshit on adults with natural energy.

21. When you’ve proven someone wrong and they keep arguing

22. When the squad wake you up from a coma
To take a selfie

23. When you spit that verse
And the squad ain’t ready

24. Hey monday…
Fuck you

25. N the friendzone soo deep
You can only watch

26. I told you to stick to the weed
But nawl…

27. When someone tries to hurt your feelings
But… You don’t have any

28. Hello class, my name is Mr.West
and today we will be learning how to turn a hoe into a housewife

29. You can find truth in sarcasm
I put that shit on everything

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