Funny stupid jokes

Funny Stupid jokes

Have you done stupid things before? I did. I was tired of being single. It was me alone in my lovely world. I was bored, tired and frustrated. I wasn’t much of a famous comedian than just some average guy that dreamed big. I wanted a lady so severely and I didn’t even have a job. Then, I only managed to make ends meet. I had a dream lady in my head. You know that stuff right, guys? That dream lady in your head that you haven’t seen in your entire life. Let’s call her your “dream girl.” that was the same kind of stuff I was into. She was light, tall, sexy, educated and all but guess what? I never met her.

It was just some unrealistic, fantasy, self-delusional stuff. Many times, we need to demarcate between reality and fantasy. Its a pity some of we adult cant tell the difference between both. The truth of the story is that many times, any of us could be in that state. That state where we cant tells the difference between reality and fantasy. There was a time when I was dead broke. I was lost in thoughts almost every day. I always see my self in a mansion and a Lamborghini Diablo.

One night, while I was asleep, I dreamed I was in that favorite ride of mine with my dream girl by my side. Id never forgets that dream in my entire lifetime. The back seat of the ride was stacked with bundled packs of dollars. I felt fulfilled. One satisfaction that came from nowhere filled my soul. I forgot about my deep poverty. You know sometimes, you have dreams that you think are real whereas they aren’t. This dream was so real to me, it was like a dream come true. I began muttering words in real life. Meanwhile, my bed-mate was awake. He took a recorder and was recording all what I was saying while I was asleep funny stuff right? In Wonderland, I made my dream beauty into the restaurant and ordered for food and drinks I never could afford in real life. Next, I took her shopping and bought her an iPhone X. suddenly, POW!! I received a lofty hard slap on my left cheek. It turned red and was almost bleeding. I was vexed and turned the fury against my bedmate. Bro! You gonna do some explanations for that or receive something that will paralyze your cheek. He handed over the recording to listen to my stupid self. Aww it was funny. I really deserved a slap. I thanked my bro for that slap. That was poverty deceiving and playing with my brain.

The next night, I received several other slaps as well. By mid-day, there was several stripes on my face. This was how the inspiration of stupid but funny jokes came. Ever since then, I stayed awake overnight. Fortunately for my bro, he had his own turn of the fun. He was dreaming he was a movie actor. I remembered that night he was starring at one of the Rock’s movie before he fell asleep. As I stood up to give him the hardest slap he had never received in his life, he laughed and woke up. I think he set me up I was very angry. I gave him the slap anyway lol. It became a fight afterwards. 

funny Stupid jokes

1. I’m so forever alone!
Gets a new boyfriend every week

Stupid jokes

2. Not sure if dog is getting smarter
Or too lazy to do anything stupid

stupid but funny jokes

3. Sits on toilet, shits
Forgot to pull pants down

stupid jokes that are funny

4. Ketchup
Y u no come out!!!!

5. Shoutout to sidewalks
For keeping me off the streets

6. You sod so convincing
But I’m too stupid to know if your’re right.

7. $1.50 $0.99 $2.00

8. Who is Justice Beaver?

9. Pointless button
Warning pointless

10. I’m with stupid

11. When you’re listening to someone’s story
& can’t relate because you’re not stupid

12. Thinking that when your religion
and science disagree that science might be propaganda isn’t debate

13. Don’t think I didn’t see you being stupid over there!

14. Uh… huuh huh huh
Liberals are stupid.

15. What’s the difference between a cow and Illuminati conspiracy theories?
You can’t milk a cow for 20 years

16. When you’re listening to someone’s story
& can’t relate because you’re not stupid

17. U can’t fix stupid

18. Why do Uruguayans wear slip-on shoes?
You need an IQ of at least 4 to tie a shoelace.

19. When you gotta sneak in the girls dorm

20. When someone has explained something
to u 7 times and u still don’t get it and u hope they forgive how stupid u are

21. If math would grow up and solve its own problems
That’d be great

22. Hey, I think your phone just buzzed in your pocket!
Just kidding, your phone isn’t even in your pocket you fucking moron

23. Want to hear a joke about a broken pencil?
Nevermind, it’s pointless!
Come on man! Please just tell me!

24. Red Book: You look so much thinner!
Yellow Book: Thanks! I had my appendix removed…

25. Wants to uninstall software
Deletes the shortcut

26. Tells everyone about med school plans
Has a 1.2 GPA

27. If you die in the dream
You wake up in reality.
Ask me what happens if you die in reality.
What happens?
You die, stupid. That’s why it’s called « reality. »

28. Infinite fuel


29. 36 X 72=?
No need calculator
Lemme confirm first

30. Speeds through a schools zone and crosswalk filled with kids and volunteers
Honks horn, Flips them off and calls them all assholes

31. Sits on toilet, shits
Forgot to pull pants down

32. If you don’t want to see stupid facebook posts
Don’t add stupid people on facebook

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