Funny Trump jokes

Funny Trump Jokes

Imagine a big, round bottom flask, mouthed’ white man is the President of your country. The whole world will be sick of his running mouth. Donald is a major talk or even the name of a comedy show in some parts of the world. When my friend got a new bulldog, he named it Donald Trump. He plans to take technology to another level. Whats the level if you have a running mouth, huh? We ain’t need no technology bro; let’s go back to the stone age when things were much better. Now that you got all the knowledge and power of the earth, the world isn’t getting better. What the hell is wrong? You have all the experience, all the wisdom all the know-how are all the necessary tools and equipment to make the world a better place yet everything is just getting worse.

In mathematical terms, technological and modern development is inversely proportional to peace and unity. Did that sound harsh? I just had to say it, so sorry. Look closely and see whats happening.Why should you bother about technology? Bother about your mouth first dude. When there wasn’t cars and bikes, the lesser was the road accidents and traffic congestion. When there wasn’t a stethoscope, we didn’t hear of Ebola until we had everything necessary to carry out a successful head transplant. Our technological evolution is only causing damages we cant imagine. Without bombs, guns, we wouldn’t have terrorist attacks. Why is our world this way? If you are not worried about this, I am. I have a fear about the future. Now that I’m 302 years old, I’m still looking fresh, fly and young, I even don’t think I’m ready to die yet. But the way the world is going, I guess I have to visit the grave early after making funny jokes outta trump.

I’m glad to announce that this section of funny trump jokes will probably be the last. I know you are sad to hear that, but I’m happy to announce that to you. Global warming? I can’t wait for the whole sun to burn the earth, hell is no better. If I were you, it follows the right path; go to the grave early, leave my job, wife, kids and everything I got and lie patiently in my grave until death pays a visit. What a heroic and honorable way to die. Isn’t that better than a plane crash or dying in an accident? It will be in the pages of history that a great man once lived the face of the earth, one of the greatest comedians that ever lived.

All this were the thoughts that came to my head today while at my office. Sometimes, you have to go far in dreams and come back. If you haven’t done that before, do that now! Before I do it for you. It has been a gloomy afternoon so far let’s lighten up the day together.


funny trump jokes

1. The real shithole president

donald trump jokes

2. 100,000 like and I’ll eat a tide pod

funny donal trump jokes

3. Trump loves Norway because we grow his hair.

4. Colin Kaepernick is listed at 6’4 232lbs
Donald Trump was just listed at 6’3 239lbs

5. Stand back everyone, stable genius at work


6. Trump and Putin literally recreated a scene from House of cards

7. Someone drew a swastika on Trump’s star of the Walk of Fame
& there’s no way to know if it was done
by someone who hates him or supports him

8. It appears some protestors have inflated this behind the White House

9. How to lose a guy in 10 days

10. « I really, thought you’d be dead by now. »

11. Trump: « You invitation is with drawn. »
Steph: « Well that’s fine w- »
Riley: « We aint never want ya dusty invitation anyway! »

12. Flint doesn’t have clean water,
Puerto Rico doesn’t have any power,
and our President is Twitter beefing with Steph Curry

13. Someone dropped their lunch outside
at work and it looks like it’s about
to log on to Twitter to threaten North Korea.

14. Halloween is cancelled

15. The Getting Deported by Trump Halloween costume

16. The inside of my puppy’s ear looks like Donald Trump

17. Senor Trump, can I have my ball back?

18. And then he tweeted…..
« See you in court » after just losing in court

19. @TatyanaAli peeped Donald Trump’s bullshit 20 years ago

20. Little did Trump know that the
Mexicans had a secret weapon

21. Still surprised Trump hasn’t asked me to consult on this wall.
I’ve been building walls for years.

22. Me at my next job interview:
« Do you have any experience? »
« Did Donald Trump? »

23. Me: That’s enough of me being petty on the internet today
Rachel Maddow: I have Trump’s tax returns

24. The President of the United States
is Twitter beefing with Snoop Dogg.

25. Why do Donald Trump’s sons
look like every bully from a 90’s kids movie?

26. When congress won’t let you take away
health care from 24 million Americans

27. I feel like this is super important

28. Trump: We are holding Stria responsible for poisoning
& killing their own people!
Flint, Michigan:

29. Hey, #United.
Trump is flying from Washington to NYC,
flight 2145, Row 8, Seat A. Do your thing…

30. « Who paid for you? » he whispered.

31. Trump: Can’t be an investigation if
there’s no FBI director.

32. Biden: I’m going to leave him a dictionary
of fake words in your office.

33. I don’t see why Trump’s climate decision was such a big deal…
THOUSANDS of guys have pulled out of Paris before.

34. Anyone who woke up from a 2 year coma
and was shown this picture would 100%
think it was a new CBS sitcom.

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