Funny White People Jokes

Funny White People Jokes

My white brethren, there is a category of jokes about you too. If I poke jokes on blacks, you are not an exception. Everything must be fair and equal. I’ve said it tirelessly, I’m not a racist, I’m not black and I’m not white but one thing you can be sure about is that I’m human. I’m adding my own race to the face of the earth soon. Its called “full cast.” We aren’t white and we aren’t black, we are orange. We have some few qualities that makes us an exceptional race. We can time travel and levitate. I am the first ever of this kind. In a matter of time, we would rule and dominate the world.

Hahahaha, got ya. That was actually a story in one comic book. Today, we have gathered several funny white jokes together for all. We also have white jokes category with pictures. Laugh a bit by following this link: (link). My best movie character is the Joker. I’ve always wanted Haley Quin to become a clown too. I hope my wish is granted.

Whites are extremely bad when it comes to eating. Jeez! They eat like animals. So sorry to say that but I had to say it because that’s actually the way they eat. If you observe whites carefully, you’d notice that two of every five are either robust as a result of overfeeding or they are having one health issue. Everything is considered food to white people. When they see something for the first time, they’d like to taste it. A cool amount of them are d**k takers. Their stomach is a canal for anything that successfully passes through their mouth.

I wish we could bisect people’s stomach and see the content. Eeeeeww, I wonder how it’ll be. A booth of garbage and bacteria, LOOOL. I know a lot of white people have vexed already. I remember Y’all laughing like monsters when I was poking jokes on black. The fact “black mind, black brain” ironically doesn’t apply to whites. There are some whites that are animals in human form. If there’s that right animal I can use to describe Y’all, then it’s the dirtiest animal. Whats it called again??? PPPPPPPPPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGGG. That’s right, pig.

Now, so many white friends would have really gotten annoyed with this. In fact I feel some white guys are planning to attack me on my next comedy show so they can kick my ass. I will litter my site with very funny white racist jokes; I don’t fear Y’all. I can choose to call whites pig, goats or even a dawgs cos it’s my site. I’m sovereign over my site. The last joke we did on blacks, Y’all were laughing loud like wicked witches. You never thought yours was on the way. Well, here it is enjoy it while it lasts. Another thing about whites is that they almost forget to use their brains…LOOOL. Get used to laughter by entertaining yourselves with white racist jokes on my site. Come along with your toothbrush cos I won’t love to see stained teeth laughing on my site. Love Ya. 

Funny white people jokes

1. White people: I’m 23.7% Austrian,
52.1% Cherokee Indian,
4.8% Costco Receipt

best white people jokes

2. Tonight we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest–
Sorry, brightest…

3. Add this to the list of « things only white people would buy »

4. Obama really leaving us with these Caucasians

5. When you politely say hello to a Caucasian
person and they give yo this look

6. White people love snitching so much they created Yelp

7. White people won’t eat gluten but won’t
hesitate to chuck their newborn over a 100 foot crevasse…

8. White people are crazy.
Y’all hear me?

9. #GrowingUpWhite

10. How white people
Treat their pets

11. Things that only white people do

12. Look at that flat ass. Fuck yeah. She can totally own me.
I bet she loves cold pasta salad and assorted cheeses

13. That moment when your white homie says the N-Word
but you act like you did’t hear him.

14. Only white people can have this relationship, get a black girls hair wet?
No pussy until you replace them bundles

15. White people have done some horrible things to us in the past but this is just overboard.. Wow

16. How white people gonna be after
watching Straight Outta Compton

17. The « back 2 school » starter pack:

18. This is the aisle where white people get their hot sauce from

19. Someone said Batman’s superpower is white privilege.

20. White people are scared to sit next
to a muslim on a plane but do stuff like this

21. When you stop shooting up long enough to take a family photo.

22. A black man created the toilet,
He made it white on purpose

23.  « Come on gather round, dinner is ready! »

24. When u make the chicken too spicy
& ur son starts waving his AK in ur face

25. Any white girl that look like this will
rob you and help you look for whatever she stole

26. White privilege
White privilege everywhere

27. What white people see when niggas walk into they store

28. Ryan, 18. Lives off the government.
Enjoys Mt. Dew and yelling racial slurs from a distance.
Has never been hunting.

29. « Ur 18, just tell them they can’t tell u what to do anymore lol »

30. Only time when white people are better at basketball

31. And they say white people don’t have a culture

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