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How much is a walrus tusk of ivory worth?

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True ivory walrus tusks can be hard to come by; and as of July 2011, those that are legally sold can be worth as little as $100 or in some forms as much as $50,000. Read more

  • 'Ivory is wasted if you don't sell it' - BBC News
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Is it legal to sell walrus ivory?

It is legal under federal law to buy/sell walrus and narwhal ivory possessed before the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972. Alaskan natives are allowed to hunt walrus and work with the walrus ivory under an exemption of the Mammal Protection Act. Google your states ivory laws to find out more.

How much is an ivory tusk worth?

Poachers are now slaughtering up to 35,000 of the estimated 500,000 African elephants every year for their tusks. A single male elephant's two tusks can weigh more than 250 pounds, with a pound of ivory fetching as much as $1,500 on the black market.

Can you own walrus tusks?

Raw walrus ivory obtained after 12/21/72 is not legal to buy or sell unless both parties are Eskimo (it is legal to own). A $30 export permit is required to ship walrus ivory or oosik (legal as per above) out of the United States.

Is walrus tusk considered ivory?

Walrus tusk ivory comes from two modified upper canines. ... Whole cross-sections of walrus tusks are generally oval with widely spaced indentations. The dentine is composed of two types: primary dentine and secondary dentine (often called osteodentine). Primary dentine has a classical ivory appearance.

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Most frequently asked questions

How much is real ivory worth?

The price currently paid for raw ivory in Asia, according to an investigation by the Wildlife Justice Commission, is currently between $597/kg and $689/kg, in U.S. dollars. Ivory sourced in Africa and sold in Asia has additional costs such as transportation, taxes and broker commissions.

Can you sell walrus ivory on eBay?

Ivory sales are also banned in several states, such as California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Washington and New York. ... Interstate sales of ivory items is also prohibited in the U.S. for sport trophies and ivory items that were brought into the U.S. as part of a scientific research project or law enforcement investigation.

Can you buy a walrus skull?

Charging documents state it is illegal for walrus skulls and tusks be used for anything other than public display, scientific research or enhancing the survival of the species. The maximum penalties for illegally offering the sale of walrus skulls and tusks includes one year in federal prison and a $20,000 fine.

Is it legal to sell Alaskan ivory?

It is legal, and no documentation is required, to export mammoth and mastodon ivory because these species are extinct and not protected by federal wildlife law. Walrus ivory that has been worked into authentic Alaska Native artwork may be exported.

How do you get walrus ivory?

Walrus Ivory is a good exclusive to Viking Conquest, which is almost exclusively used in trade. It is one of the rarest goods in the game, however it can be found in both towns and villages whenever available. Aside from trade, ladies may occasionally ask you to bring them a few pieces of walrus ivory.

'Ivory is wasted if you don't sell it' - BBC News

Can I sell my ivory?

It is now illegal to sell or have the intent to sell ANY IVORY within the State of California or to sell it to any bidders within the State of California REGARDLESS OF THE AGE of the ivory.

Who buys ivory tusks?

But despite the ban, Chinese demand persists. In the elephant ivory markets that remain open (either legally or due to lack of enforcement) in Asia—notably in Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam—over 90% of the customers are estimated to hail from China.

What is ivory worth per pound?

Poachers kill elephants for their valuable tusks — a single pound of ivory can sell for $1,500, and tusks can weigh 250 pounds.

How much is ivory 2019?

In 2018, after China had closed the legal ivory market, prices hovered in the $1,000/kg range, according to a Chinese source, but in 2019 wildlife trade monitors Traffic China found that raw ivory importer selling prices were down to an average of about $570 per kilogramme.

Are all tusks ivory?

The word "ivory" was traditionally applied to the tusks of elephants. However, the chemical structure of the teeth and tusks of mammals is the same regardless of the species of origin, and the trade in certain teeth and tusks other than elephant is well established and widespread.

Can I keep a whale bone?

In some cases, yes, you may keep the part. You may collect and keep any bones, teeth, or ivory from a non-ESA listed marine mammal found on a beach or land within ¼ of a mile of an ocean, bay, or estuary. You may not collect parts from a carcass or parts with soft tissues attached.

Do walrus shed their tusks?

While there is constant growth in tusks, there is also loss due to abrasion from contact with the mud, sand, and gravel of the sea floor while the animals are feeding. Fractures also occur, especially in adult males who have curved high divergent tusks.

Is fossilized ivory legal?

Trade in raw Walrus ivory or fossil Walrus ivory is illegal in CA, HI and NV. Trade in parts (whether raw or incorporated) used in knives and knife accessories of a number of animals is illegal in CT (knives excepted) and IL (see below for details by state and State Law listing).

Can Scrimshaw be sold?

Under the Endangered Species Act, any scrimshaw item that can be proved to be 100 or more years old can be sold interstate; any other item cannot. Reproductions, copies and fake scrimshaw items often can fool the novice.

Can you own a walrus?

No, walruses do not make good pets. They are much too large to house easily, and their enclosures and water must be temperature controlled. It is also illegal in most places to own one as a pet.

Is it illegal to own baleen?

Can I legally buy baleen from a street vendor? Are there any restrictions on what I can do with it? Yes, baleen (normally this is from the endangered bowhead whale) may be legally sold by Alaska Natives as Traditional Native Handicraft under both the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) and Endangered Species Act (ESA).

How big is a walrus skull?

Like other seals the walrus is designed for aquatic locomotion, but is capable of hauling its massive frame ashore to bask, mate, and give birth. Specifications: Skull Length: 44cm (17.3in) Tusk Length: 76 cm (30 in)

Are walrus tusks valuable?

Walrus tusks have long been sought after for their ivory. ... Tusks also come in handy for scraping up food or helping to pull the animals up onto land or ice. True ivory walrus tusks can be hard to come by; and as of July 2011, those that are legally sold can be worth as little as $100 or in some forms as much as $50,000.

Who buys illegal ivory?

Thailand and China are the most common final destinations (page 43) but Hong Kong, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam are both destinations and act as transit points of illegally acquired ivory.

How much is an ounce of ivory worth?

At $200 an ounce, a conservative evaluation of the trade in illegal ivory comes in around $1.44 billion a year—enough to motivate some people to kill.