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How much is a YZ 125?

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2021 Yamaha YZ125 • $6,599. Read more

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How much is a YZ 125 two stroke?

The new 2022 YZ125 will be available from dealers this October in next-generation Team Yamaha Blue for $6899 MSRP.

Is a YZ125 a good beginner bike?

Yamaha YZ125

For example, the engine and the frame of this dirt bike for beginners got its upgrade in 2005. ... The Yamaha YZ125 is certainly not the fastest 125cc dirt bike, but the incredible optimizations it features make it one of the best 125cc dirt bikes for beginners.

Is a YZ125 a 4 stroke?

Powerful New YZ125 Engine

The new YZ125's two-stroke engine represents an increase in power and usability over the 2021 model.

How fast is a 125 motorbike?

The average 125cc bike will likely have a top speed of around 70mph, and should be able to cruise along at 50 to 60mph quite comfortably.

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Most frequently asked questions

Are 2020 YZ125 fuel injected?

Standard equipment including electric start, a lightweight lithium battery, advanced fuel injection, and a wrap around rear-positioned exhaust deliver powerful and reliable performance while balancing weight for excellent mass-centralization.

How much is a YZ85?

2021 Yamaha YZ85 • $4,699.

What year did the YZ125 change?

If two-strokes were dead then why did Yamaha waste time building a totally new dinosaur in 2005? They had a reason. In 2005 Yamaha decided to build an all-new YZ125 two-stroke; not a reworked 1996 model, but a completely new bike that shared almost no parts with the 2004 model.

Is a YZ125 a good trail bike?

Honestly, a YZ125 is such fun that the biggest fear is messing things up. But, this approach was so conservative that it made for a great result. The riding public can't get its collective head wrapped around the fact that a 125 is a great trail bike—not just for kids, but for everyone.

What is faster a YZ125 or a yz250f?

both bikes are fast. the 4-stroke is easier to ride, has more torque, and a touch more horsepower. the 2-stroke requires alot more clutching and footwork to keep in on the pipe. however, the 2smoke is much more nimble and flickable. I have friends that can shred on a 125....they pass me all the time.


What is a good dirt bike for a 14 year old beginner?

What's a good dirt bike for a 14-year old? One of the top options is the Razor MX350. Although this may be a top choice, whether it suits your child or not depends on a lot of factors. For instance, height, weight, and experience should be taken into consideration when choosing a dirt bike.

Can a 16 year old drive a 50cc scooter?

The maximum engine size a 16 year old can ride is 50cc. ... 50cc is the smallest engine size legally allowed on public roads, and 50cc scooters can reach a top speed of around 28mph. This might not seem like much, but when it's your first time on the road, it's actually plenty.

What's better CR125 or YZ125?

The powerband of the CR125 is not so user-friendly. ... On the other hand, with the wider powerband of YZ125, it's much easier to keep your speed up. Here, the Yamaha has a clear advantage in terms of ride-ability. A beginner rider may have difficulty staying in that powerband without working hard and focussing.

Is a 2 stroke a good beginner bike?

Dirt Bike Riding Style:

If you are a beginner rider, you will find the 4-stroke 250 a lot easier to handle than any other bike. A 2-stroke has so much power that a beginner might have a hard time controlling the bike. A 4-stroke will be the perfect beginner bike for any rider.