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How old is Mako Swtor?

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Mako, Nadia, Vette, Kira - they are all teens. Mako is 19. Read more

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What happens to Mako Swtor?

Seven years later Mako was found wounded in an alley by an aging bounty hunter named Braden. He needed a tech specialist for his crew and she needed to get off the moon until the Hutt Cartel job her "friends" had so spectacularly blown faded a bit from memory.

How old is Risha Swtor?

As Act I occurs in 3643 BBY, simple math confirms that Risha Drayen was 21 during the events of Act I, and puts her birth in 3664 BBY.

Can you romance Mako Swtor?

How to start romance: The male Bounty Hunter can romance Mako during the Bounty Hunter story as well as the companion conversations with her. ... Romance continuation: Players can resume their romance with Mako after completing the Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion and the To Find a Findsman Alliance Alert.

How old is Kira Carsen? Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia states that Kira Carsen is 20 years old. Carsen is first encountered in Act I of the Jedi Knight storyline of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and her dialogue about her history as a Child of the Emperor during Act I confirms she is 20 as well.

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Most frequently asked questions

How old is satele Shan in swtor?

She's 59, according to the SWTOR Encyclopedia. No math required, it specifically says "Age: 59". She looks really good in her age then, but her characterization and appearance in ToP comic is still weird if she's close to 50 at that time.

Can you marry Mako in swtor?

So no, you cant avoid it. So either lose out on 10 more presence, or marry mako. It doesn't really even affect anything. It's just a small side story that ends up going nowhere.

What gifts does Mako like swtor?

  • Weapon: like.
  • Military Gear: indifferent.
  • Courting: indifferent, love.
  • Luxury: like.
  • Technology: love.
  • Republic Memorabilia: indifferent.
  • Imperial Memorabilia: indifferent.
  • Cultural Artifact: like.

How old is Lana beniko?

Lana is now almost 40, if not already, the first time a character meets her. Third, KOTFE (excluding Chapter 1 which falls almost immediately after Yavin) happens five years later, in 3632 BBY. Lana is in her mid 40's during KOTFE.

What is the meaning of the name Risha?

Name :Risha. Meaning :Feather, Line, Saintly, Saintly, Divine Worshippers, A variant form of name Rishi. Gender :Girl. Numerology :1.

Mako ♥ Romance ♥ SWTOR Bounty Hunter [Male] ► Complete Companion Story

Does Andronikos Revel come back?

SWTOR Andronikos Revel and Risha/Corso will be returning for Inquisitors and Smugglers in Patch 5.7. Unfortunately, there isn't much other than a cutscene with some dialogues.

Does Mako ever come back Swtor?

The classic Smuggler and Bounty Hunter companions Akaavi Spar and Mako return to both classes in a duo. There is no way to pick one over the other or reject them both. Their mission is called “The Tatooine Rundown” and it's available to players, who have completed Knights of the Eternal Throne Chapters 1 to 9.

Who voices Mako Swtor?

Lacey Chabert (born September 30, 1982) is an American actress best known for her roles as Claudia Salinger in the television drama Party of Five and Gretchen Wieners in the movie Mean Girls. Within the Star Wars universe, she provided the voice of Mako in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Is Mako in the Clone Wars?

After the Clone Wars, Mako finally decided to join the military. Though he was only twenty, Mako was considered too old to join the Imperial Academy. ... Mako disappeared from the Imperial Academy's surrounding area and became a smuggler.

Can you get married in SWTOR?

Star Wars: The Old Republic players don't marry one another; they get hitched with one of the nonplayable companions that accompany each player on their journey. Every class in SWTOR has marriage possibilities that depend on the player's gender. A male Jedi Knight can marry Kira Carsen, a female companion.

Who can you flirt with in SWTOR?

Players can flirt with Lana, Koth and Theron regardless of their prior relationship status with Lana or Theron (although it may be mentioned). If flirtations have been successful, then a chance to trigger a romance with one of the three will become available in Chapter X.

How do you get Ashara zavros?

The Sith inquisitor has to defeat Master Ryen and Master Ocera to get Ashara Zavros as his fourth companion. To defeat Master Ryen and Master Ocera, the key is to take them one at a time. For the Sith assassin, once the conversation ends, use force cloak to go into stealth mode immediately.

How old is Vette in swtor?

Vette: 21, 34.

Who are satele Shan's parents?

Satele Shan was born in the year 3699 BBY to the Human Jedi Knight Tasiele Shan, who was the descendant of the legendary Jedi Revan and Bastila Shan.

How old is Jedi Knight Swtor?

Jedi Knight/Consular

Both characters are at the final stages of their training, and going on their relatively-youthful appearance it is reasonable to assume they are somewhere between the 20-25 range.