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How old is Susan in Desperate Housewives?

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I think its seems more accurate than the information that was shown before I changed it, which had Susan as 53, and Lynette as 47. Read more

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Was Susan really pregnant in Desperate Housewives?

Marcia Cross was pregnant while filming Season 3 of Desperate Housewives. ... According to Good Housekeeping, the show's plotlines were finalized well in advance, so Cross' pregnancy couldn't be written into the show. Instead, everyone did their best to keep her belly hidden.

When was Susan Mayer born?

Susan's Birthday is November 29.

What is Delfino's secret?

A tragic car accident forced Mike and Susan Delfino to divorce, and Edie Britt returned to the lane with a new husband who had an unbridled anger and an unusual secret – he was the father and husband of the family Mike and Susan crashed into, prompting him to seek revenge.

Who gives Susan a kidney?

Paul realized that he had done to Beth the very thing of which he had accused Susan. And so, finally, he agreed to let Susan have her kidney.

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Most frequently asked questions

How old was Eva Longoria when she starred in Desperate Housewives?

Born on March 15, 1975, in Corpus Christi, Texas, Eva was 29 years old when the pilot episode aired on October 3, 2004. She turned 30 on March 15, 2005.

How old is Susan Delfino?

Yes I know that Mikes map isn't completely accurate, But unfortunately it is the only information we have reagrding the ages. I think its seems more accurate than the information that was shown before I changed it, which had Susan as 53, and Lynette as 47.

Does Rex Van de Kamp died?

REX Van De Kamp's death on the season finale of “Desperate Housewives” wasn't a total shock to Steven Culp, the actor who portrayed him. ... She seemed to finally forgive him after his second heart attack when she learned on the season finale that Rex had died in the hospital.

Who did Bree get pregnant by?

The couple took their honeymoon in Italy ("Sunday in the Park with George") and upon their return, Bree became pregnant with the first of her two children by Rex, Andrew, who was born in 1988.

Who got paid the most on Desperate Housewives?

If you're a Desperate Housewife, that is. Actress Eva Longoria has been named the highest earning US TV actress, pocketing $13 million (£8.3 million) between May 2010 and May 2011.

Susan Delfino - Funny Moments

Can a 12 year old watch Desperate Housewives?

Desperately addictive, but majorly mature -- not for kids.

How old was Eva Longoria when she played Gabrielle Solis?

Eva portrayed Gabrielle Solis, born on December 8, 1976, in the series Desperate Housewives. As of her real age, she was cast in the series when she was 29 years old and it ended when she was 37 years old.

What ethnicity is Eva Longoria?

She has been honored several times with American Latino Media Arts awards and was selected in 2006 as ALMA's “person of the year.” In interviews, Longoria is open about her Mexican-American heritage and her childhood in South Texas – a sharp contrast to the life of a Hollywood actress.

Can Eva Longoria sing?

Eva Longoria's talents may appear boundless, but according to her she's “not a singer.” Well, not publicly. Although we may not see her starring in a musical anytime soon, the 45-year-old mom loves to sing to her two-year-old son Santiago Enrique Bastón. Her favorite song to sing him is You Are My Sunshine.

Who is Evan Longoria married to?

In February 2012, Longoria confirmed he was dating January 2010 Playmate of the Month Jaime Edmondson, who was also a contestant on the 14th season and the 18th season of The Amazing Race. Longoria and Edmondson married on December 31, 2015. They have three children.

Who did Eva Longoria date?

Eva Longoria couldn't be happier about life with boyfriend Jose Antonio Baston. “I'm just in a happy place in my life that it's easy to be open and in love because I am in a complete place in my life,” Longoria, 40, told PEOPLE at the Eva Longoria Home Collection launch for JCPenney in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Why didnt Susans mom give her kidney?

Sophie and Susan's Aunt Claire visit and Susan is shocked at her mother's apparent selfishness when she tells Mike she can't give Susan a kidney because she's going away on a three-month cruise. ... Julie offers her kidney, but is sad to discover she's not a match for her mother.

Does Lynette and Tom get back together?

'Desperate Housewives' finale: Show wraps with happy endings for Bree, Gaby, Lynette and Susan. ... - Lynette (Felicity Huffman) got back together with Tom (Doug Savant), realized he was all she ever needed to be happy and promptly took a job in New York.

What happened to Susan's kidney in Desperate Housewives?

Susan is in hospital after being trampled in the riot. She is shocked to discover that one of her kidneys ruptured and was removed. The doctor tells her that her other kidney is deformed and is only operating at about 5%.

Do Susan and Mike get remarried?

They remarry season six, but Mike dies in season eight leaving Susan a widow. Julie Mayer - Susan's precocious daughter, who would often play the part of the "mother" to her own mother.