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How tall is Astrid Httyd?

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a 5′9 160 lb Astrid makes sense to me, perhaps maybe a little over due to the whole viking ness. She works so hard, physically training her body and mind to be an excellent general, I draw her much heavier and sturdier than she is presented in the movie. They did astrid dirty. Read more

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How old is Astrid in Httyd?

She is 15 years old in How to Train Your Dragon, Riders and Defenders of Berk, 18 in Dawn of the Dragon Racers, 18 and 19 in Dragons: Race to the Edge, 20 in the How To Train Your Dragon 2, 21 in How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World and 30 in the epilogue.

How tall is hiccup from Httyd?

In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Hiccup has grown considerably. He's now the tallest of the teens at 6'1" and his hair is slightly shorter and somewhat scraggly and unkempt with two small braids behind his right ear. He is noted to be quite handsome and attractive.

How tall is stoick in Httyd?

Stoick is described in How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse as being 6.5 feet tall, and muscular. However, later in the same Book, he is said to be 6 foot 7 inches tall, with a girth of 3 feet.

How tall is Fishlegs in Httyd?

Fishlegs is very overweight for his height, for a 5′9 male, he should be between 144 - 176 lbs. He is about 3 times that. He is a fat character! but the fact that he weighs more than stoick, who is supposedly 6′9 (probably taller than that, he is much bigger than hiccup) at 350 lbs, is wild.

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Most frequently asked questions

Who is Hiccup's mom?

Undeterred, Hiccup flies off with Toothless in search of Drago to try to reason with him. They instead meet a mysterious dragon-rider, who is revealed to be Hiccup's long-lost mother Valka. She explains that she, like her son, could not bring herself to kill dragons.

Does Hiccup like Heather?

Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III

Hiccup welcomed Heather when she arrived on Berk, even telling her to consider the island her home until they could figure things out for her. Unlike the other boys, Heather didn't flirt with Hiccup but acted more innocent.

Why does Hiccup like Astrid?

Astrid's feelings for Hiccup usually manifest themselves as extreme devotion and protectiveness, as she is always the first to aid him in any situation, she worries for him deeply and is the last to leave him, which Hiccup reciprocates towards Astrid.

How old is Dagur?

Dagur is about 3-4 years older then Hiccup. Which makes Dagur 19-20. In RttE, Dagur spent three years in prison. Also in RttE, Hiccup is 19.

Who did Snotlout marry?

When Snotlout and Astrid are given the task of transporting a ceremonial battle-ax to a wedding between their two families, they must put aside their differences when a new type of dragon, the Armorwing, takes the ax.

Astrid Being Angry for 3 Minutes Straight | RTTE Funny Moments

What happens to Hiccup's mom?

Valka is a strong, uncompromising and feral vigilante who turns out to be Hiccup's long-lost mother and the wife of Stoick the Vast. ... About two decades later, she accidentally crosses paths with her son Hiccup during his journey to stop Drago Bludvist and finally reunites with her husband Stoick.

Does Hiccup have a brother?

As boys, Dagur tries to play nice with Hiccup, knowing he is his older brother, but he's too rough for the little guy, nearly drowning him, causing Stoick to ban Dagur from playing with Hiccup.

What is Fishlegs dragon name?

Dragon Training and Riding: So far, Fishlegs has trained three dragons. His Gronckle, Meatlug, a Catastrophic Quaken, Spikeback, and a Terrible Terror named Iggy.

What did Snotlout say to Astrid?

Snotlout, I think that you should… um, maybe run. Yeah, running sounds like a good idea.” He suggested, turning back around to his cousin. “Flying would be even better.” “Why must she be so touchy?” Snotlout grumbled, “Me asking a simple question should not earn me a pyre!”

Is Astrid stronger than Hiccup?

Astrid exhibits many masculine traits, she is strong and can easily defeat Snotlout when sparring. In the first film she is the strongest of the group in dragon training and defeats everyone except hiccup who is able to outsmart her.

How many times did Hiccup and Astrid kiss?

Surprisingly, Hiccup and Astrid have kissed 7 times now!

Are there male light furies?

The male and female Light Furies look the same, but males are bigger and a bit bulkier. The shape of its tail and ears look off because they are in motion. Technically, in the HTTYD world, there is no real physical difference between males and females except maybe for males being a bit bulkier like Thorndrum said.

Who did Fishlegs marry?

Fishlegs Ingerman

Although being slightly annoyed at them at the start of the episode, "Free Scauldy", Fishlegs complimented Ruffnut for her great work with Scauldy. Three years later, Fishlegs was inadvertently married to Ruffnut when her brother said he studied under Berk's officiator.

How tall is hiccup in the first movie?

Their conclusion is that Hiccup in the first film is 5′4″ (64in or 163cm). However, their math leads to Stoick being 7′4″ (88in or 224cm), which usertoothlessthenightfury says is inaccurate and that Stoick is actually 7′2″ (86in or 218cm), sourced from the BluRay trivia and the art book.

What happened to the bewilderbeast egg?

Instead, Johann tried to kidnap her unguarded egg. The Berserker Bewilderbeast then proceeded to attack Johann with her icy breath twice to prevent him from stealing her egg, successfully encasing Johann in ice, thus killing him on her second attempt.

Where did Drago get his bewilderbeast?

Drago's Bewilderbeast is found by the Dragonroot Company, a group seeking to take advantage of the dragon trade left by the dwindling numbers of Dragon Hunters. They have a special Dragon Root concoction and poison him with it. His behavior becomes aggressive and irrational and attacks other dragons and Dragon Riders.