Really bad jokes

Really Bad jokes

Some people’s throat is very cocky, permit me for “cocky” must you laugh at every statement I make? I assume I’m a specialist in-joke, but that doesn’t mean everything I say is funny. In the real sense, nothing is ridiculous and we should try to be serious people at all times even if it’s for once. Before we proceed, I’d like us to give one-minute silence to comedians of last century. They truly deserved it; they’re relaxed entertainers unlike the modern world of modern folks who claim to be entertainers yet struggle to make people grin. Their entire crowd moving tactics is nothing but empty, useless and nonsense TACK TICKS. When Mr. P told jokes early last century, people were barking. In case you don’t get that, let me explain. In the first century, during the reign of hot comedians, people cried instead of laughing, that was when I learned comedy skills. Later that century, average comedians sprang up, and the concept of laughing started. Presently, the idea of laughing is vanishing, and we are moving to the era of smiling and grinning. That’s how worse its getting, next century, people will start yawning at jokes and afterward, people will begin frowning, and after that, people will start crying later comedy shows will be a mourning service eventually comedy programs will be a place to observe silence. Silence for? Silence for comedians because by then they will have gone into extinction. 

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Really bad jokes

1. Let me find out my girl sent a wink face
and imma close one of her eyes for real

bad jokes

2. Pebbles be like
Oh U went platinum heres ya gift

funny bad jokes

3. Ok Mr. Dwayne Johnson,
Why do you think that you can shove
any object into people’s butts?

4. Yo dawg i hear your dick is a tube
So we’re putting a tube in your tube
So you don’t have to use your tube

5. Wanna see me give a fuck?
Wanna see me do it again?

6. Why do we celebrate Easter?

7. What kind of computer sings well?

8. Sister’s boyfriend makes little sister cry
Older sister give no care for this boyfriend

9. Can’t tell if fallout 3 reference
Or joke i don’t get

10. When i’m halfway through telling a joke and realize
my friends won’t think it’s funny

11. When your friend keeps making bad jokes
So you break his neck in every universe


13. Look everyone
A faggot

14. You hoes will have 300 dollars worth of Brazilian hair in
Your head and pussy be nigga hair and nappy as fuck

15. When country boys
Get tired of sleeping with their sister


16. Hoes be like
I don’t sin

17. I’m so mad about Irish stereotypes
I’m going to punch someone after I finish my beer

18. Damn this things look like
Someone threw a hand grenade into a deli counter!

19. I love pudding pudding
pudding my dick where it don’t belong

20. They call me the pussy slayer.

22. I’m heading out to 106 & Park

23. Oh this is stinky
You have stinky feet
Take a shower

24. We are talking about a hair gel
Of anciant alien origin

25. Some men just want to watch the world burn

26. New bear grylls brand knife at Walmart
Good for Jaguars
Making houses, drinking, piss, and detectincrevasses

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