Roses are red violets are blue jokes

Roses are red violets are blue jokes

funny Roses are red violets are blue jokes

Since we were children, we have all heard the poem roses are red and violets are blue. Now it is the time that we turn them into jokes. If you are surprised, do not be because these are going to be the most hilarious poems that you will ever find.
You can sing the poems to irritate your friends and when they will notice that it was actually a joke they will laugh out loud with you. When you will start reading the poems it would amaze that how perfectly the rhyme has been matched with some of the funniest phrases. Make everyone one laugh with the jokes. View this same category Roses are red, violet are blue pictures jokes.

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#7 Roses Die

Roses are red
Violets are blue
These will die
Why can't you


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