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What are spider balls?

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Fact: The story that the fruit of the Osage orange tree (also called hedge apple, monkey ball, or spider ball) can repel or ward off spiders turns out to be extremely widespread in Midwestern states, where the trees are common. ... They live on the trees and even make webs on the fallen fruit. Read more

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What are spider balls used for?

They've been known to be called; hedgeballs, hedge apple, monkey ball, spider ball, osage orange, horse apples, brainfruit, & green brain. Hedge balls are normally used to repel or ward off spiders.

How do hedge balls get rid of spiders?

Hedge Balls for a Spider Repellent
  1. Spiders Around Homes. Spiders are ever-present in most yards and gardens, sometimes making their way inside. ...
  2. Osage Orange Fruits. Folklore says that if you place halved or whole Osage orange fruits around structures, it will repel pests like spiders. ...
  3. Excluding Spiders. ...
  4. Spider Control.

Are spider balls poisonous to dogs?

Hedgeapples are not toxic. They are similar to orange peels. Although, many cattle have died from hedgeapples because they get lodge in their throats and they suffocate. Your cat or dog will turn there nose away from hedgeapples.

Are hedge balls poisonous?

Hedgeapples are not poisonous. However, Hedge apples have suffocated livestock by lodging in their esophagus.

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Most frequently asked questions

Do hedge balls keep mice away?

One of the more creative uses for hedge apples we will discuss below: using them to repel pests such as spiders and mice. The oils in hedge apples are well known for repelling pests such as spiders and mice. And the good news is, using hedge apples to repel these pests couldn't be easier!

Do spider balls really work?

Fact: The story that the fruit of the Osage orange tree (also called hedge apple, monkey ball, or spider ball) can repel or ward off spiders turns out to be extremely widespread in Midwestern states, where the trees are common. ... What's more, spiders seldom show any sign of being able to detect airborne odors!

Do hedge apples repel bed bugs?

The use of the hedge apples for insect control is one of the most enduring pest management home remedies. Claims abound that hedge apples around the foundation or inside the basement will repel boxelder bugs, crickets, spiders and other pests. ... We still don't recommend the use of hedge apples for pest control.

How long do Spider balls last?

Dispose of hedge apples once the majority of the green skin has disappeared. Hedge apples will last two to three months in a cool room or area.

Where do spider balls come from?

Hedge balls or hedge apples come from the tree known as the Osage Orange. It grows in the southern Midwest in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Arkansas.

Spider Balls Experiment | Mister C

Are hedge balls effective?

There is no scientific research to support hedge apples are an effective insect repellent. Hedge apple, or Osage-orange, trees are not related to apples or oranges and their fruit is inedible.

What are the green balls that keep spiders away?

Commonly known as hedge apples, the fruits of the Osage orange tree (Maclura pomifera) supposedly have spider-repelling properties that border on magic.

What is the best natural spider repellent?

Cinnamon, tea tree, lavender, rose, eucalyptus, and peppermint essential oils: Add 20 drops of any of these oils to water in a spray bottle, and spritz it around the house where you see spiders. Cedar: Place cedar chips, blocks, or balls in places where spiders congregate in the house.

What is the best spider repellent?

Here is a list with the very best spider repellent you can get.
  • Hot Shot Spider & Scorpion Killer. Best overall. ...
  • Miss Muffet's Revenge Spider Killer. Best spider repellent spray. ...
  • Mighty Mint Pest Control Peppermint Oil. Best eco-friendly spider repellent.

Can you eat monkey balls?

The fruits, or monkey balls, typically weigh between 1 and 5 pounds and are usually the size of a baseball. ... The fruits are not edible for humans and are basically a ball of latex with white, sticky glue. Some people swear they can be used for pest control. Mammoths reportedly swallowed the fruit whole.

What is Osage orange used for?

Its hard yellow-orange wood, formerly used for bows and war clubs by the Osage and other Native American tribes, is sometimes used for railway ties and fence posts. The wood yields a yellow dye.

Are horse apples poop?

The word horseshit or horse shit can mean or be used to describe: The feces of the horse; see horse manure, in this meaning more often spelled as two words. It has many slang names including "road apples".

Do squirrels eat hedge balls?

Squirrels and chipmunks love hedge apples; humans do not, but they're not poisonous. ... And they particularly don't like the fruit—the hedge apples.

Why are they called horse apples?

INSIGHT: The Native American Osage Indians used bois d' arc to make bows hence the name, and also war clubs. The invention of barbed wire reportedly came from someone seeing the thorns on the bois d' arc fencerows. The fruit or horse apples have been historically used to repel cockroaches and fleas.

How do horse apples help roaches?

Cut hedgeapples in half. This exposes their oil and scent, which repel cockroaches. Place hedgeapple halves in places where cockroaches congregate, such as inside cupboards and cabinets. Cockroaches like high places, so place hedgeapple halves on top of your refrigerator and in high cabinets.

What does a hedge apple look like?

The yellow-green fruit are commonly call "hedge apples." They are produced by the Osage-orange (Maclura pomifera). Other common plant names include hedge apple, bodark, bois d'arc, and bowwood. The Osage-orange is a small- to medium-sized tree. ... The small, green flowers appear in May or June.

Can you eat monkey brain fruit?

Despite many misinterpretations of the fruit being inedible, the fruit is edible but is not commonly consumed due to its unpalatable features such as the bitter flavor and unpleasant latex-like liquid that can irritate the skin. Beyond the flesh, the seeds are edible and can be toasted.

Do orange peels repel spiders?

Spiders hate citrus fruits! ... Another way to get rid of spiders is to sun dry citrus fruits peels and grind them in food processor. Sprinkle this powder around the house once every week and the spiders will soon disappear. You can use grapefruit, orange, lemon or lime peels, or the mix of all of them.

Do dryer sheets repel mice?

Do Dryer Sheets Keep Mice Out? ... Dryer sheets don't deter mice. Baited traps won't solve a mouse problem, either.