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What are the new dishes at Olive Garden?

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The new menu will feature a section titled “Lighter Italian Fare” that features five entrees with fewer than 575 each. The entrees in the lighter-fare section are seafood brodetto, herb-grilled salmon, lasagna primavera with grilled chicken, linguine alla marinara and Venetian apricot chicken. Read more

  • Popular Olive Garden Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best
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What is the best dish at Olive Garden?

The 10 best things to get at Olive Garden, ranked
  1. Any Breadstick Sandwich. olivegarden/Instagram.
  2. Grilled Chicken Piadina. olivegarden/Instagram. ...
  3. Tour of Italy. Sarah Schmalbruch / INSIDER. ...
  4. Cookie Butter Cake. Olive Garden. ...
  5. Zeppoli. olivegarden/Instagram. ...
  6. Shrimp Alfredo. ...
  7. Raviolo di Portobello. ...
  8. Eggplant Parmigiana. ...

Is Olive Garden going out of business in 2021?

Well, as we have said, Olive Garden isn't actually closing. ... As we have said, Olive Garden is owned by the parent company, Darden Restaurants, and this company hasn't always done as well as Olive Garden. Especially when the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Does Olive Garden have a senior discount?

While Olive Garden doesn't have an overall senior discount, they do have some specially-priced menus for lunch and for early dinner. The specials, called "Lunch Favorites" include a variety of smaller portioned meals. They're offered only at lunchtime, many for under $10 at some locations.

What is the most unhealthy food at Olive Garden?

Here are the six unhealthiest items on the Olive Garden menu by calorie count and fat content; when in doubt, take half to go!
  • #6 Chicken Scampi. Calories: 1,310. Fat: 76 grams.
  • #5 Steak Gorgonzola-Alfredo. Calories: 1,380. Fat: 85 grams.
  • #4 Spaghetti with Italian Sausage. Calories: 1,410. ...
  • #2 Chicken Alfredo. Calories: 1,540.

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Most frequently asked questions

What are the 4 soups at Olive Garden?

The Olive Garden restaurant has four soups on the regular menu. They have the Zuppa Toscana, pasta e Fagioli, chicken gnocchi, and minestrone.

What's the best Olive Garden soup?

Zuppa Toscana – The Winner

The Zuppa Toscana takes the top prize in my book. Pieces of Italian sausage lent the dish a bacony flavor with hints of fennel and just the right amount of heat.

How can I eat cheap at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden: 10 ways to save money
  1. Get a free appetizer or dessert. ...
  2. Dine during an off time. ...
  3. Pay $1 for your kids to eat there. ...
  4. Taste wine for free. ...
  5. Get a free dipping sauce. ...
  6. Go on your birthday. ...
  7. Cut your meal in half before you get it. ...
  8. Stock up on gift cards for the holidays.

Does Olive Garden give a military discount?

Olive Garden frequently offers promotions and accepts coupons, but they do not have a posted military-discount policy. ... Here is a list of over 100 restaurants celebrating Veterans Day with free or discounted meals for veterans and active duty military members who have sacrificed to guard our nation's freedom.

How much are desserts at Olive Garden?

Desserts are priced between $2 and $7 and include cheesecake, tiramisu, zeppoli, and dolcini. The soups and salads are customer favorites.

Popular Olive Garden Menu Items, Ranked Worst To Best

Is Olive Garden authentic Italian food?

To many, Olive Garden might be seen as the most readily available and affordable Italian food around. ... However, Olive Garden actually styles itself as an American-Italian restaurant — not an authentic Italian eatery (they just don't go out of their way to advertise that fact).

Is the lasagna at Olive Garden good?

Final Verdict

This classic dish is everything you'd expect from a lasagna. It tastes like home-cooked comfort food, layered with all the most savory mouth-watering flavors. With filling portions and a high-quality recipe, this lasagna is definitely in my top five favorite dishes at Olive Garden.

Are breadsticks free at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden will cater your party.

And yes, breadsticks are included.

Do they actually cook at Olive Garden?

Yes Olive Garden actually cook the food. They do not use bagged soups, their vegis are fresh, the sauces as well are made by the prep cooks. This is one chain that does not microwave everything.

Do veterans eat free at Olive Garden?

The deal gives veterans the chance to claim a free meal from a select menu for one day only and for dine-in orders only. Proof of military service is required, and the meal comes with Olive Garden's famous breadsticks and a choice of a soup or house salad.

Does Olive Garden have a Veterans Day special?

On November 11, Olive Garden restaurants will offer veterans and current members of the military who dine in a free entrée from a special menu. All entrees include freshly baked garlic breadsticks, and your choice of homemade soup or our famous house salad.

Is Texas Roadhouse offering free meals to veterans?

When Veterans Can Get Their Free Meal

Veterans can use their meal vouchers as soon as Texas Roadhouse opens for dinner on Veterans Day. Restaurants are always busy on Veterans Day, so check with your local Texas Roadhouse for hours and availability.

Does Olive Garden have 2 for $25?

Everyone's favorite Italian restaurant is bringing back the 2 for $25 deal! They added fettuccine chicken Alfredo and still have unlimited breadsticks and salad! “We're All Family Here.”

How do you get free appetizers at Olive Garden?

Sign up for Olive Garden eClub and get a free appetizer.

You have to sign up for Olive Garden eClub emails before you do anything else. You'll receive a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert (up to a $10 value) with the purchase of two adult entrees.

Is Olive Garden food prepackaged?

Olive Garden is fast-casual dining, so it's not exactly surprising that some of their food is frozen before being sent out to you. In one Reddit AMA, a former employee wrote, "The food is mostly frozen.

What are the three soups at Olive Garden?

Pasta e Fagioli - White and red beans, ground beef, fresh tomatoes and tubetti pasta in a savory broth. Minestrone (V) - Fresh vegetables, beans and pasta in a light tomato broth - a vegan classic. Zuppa Toscana - Spicy Italian sausage, fresh kale and russet potatoes in a creamy broth.

What cheese does Olive Garden use?

I found out that Olive Garden restaurants use Romano cheese, not Parmesan, in their cheese graters. I like Romano in general because it has a little bit sharper taste than does Parmesan.

Does Olive Garden salad?

Our Famous House Salad served with our signature Italian dressing (served on the side).