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What happens if Thane dies?

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If he survives: Thane will appear during the main storyline and will save the salarian councilor, though he will be wounded in the process. ... If he dies: If Thane did not survive, Captain Kirrahe will sacrifice himself to save the salarian councilor instead, which means you no longer have Captain Kirrahe as a War Asset. Read more

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What happens if Thane and Kirrahe are dead?

If both Kirrahe and Thane are dead (or Thane hasn't been spoken to), Kai Leng succeeds in assassinating the councilor. If krogan support is lost due to Wrex's death, Kirrahe takes his place on Earth during the battle for Earth, addressing members of his unit in the same manner Wrex would have addressed his krogan.

Can Thane Krios survive?

Sorry but unfortunately no. There is no way to save Thane in ME3, his death is part of a scripted event to help show the emotional impact that on Sheppard.

Does Thane always die in ME2?

Nope, he always dies. And if he's dead in ME2 after the suicide mission, Kirrahe dies instead.

What is Thane dying from?

During later conversations with him, Thane tells Shepard that he hoped this mission would be his last, expecting that he would have been killed by Nassana's guards. He reveals he is slowly dying of a disease which is later revealed to be Kepral's Syndrome.

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Most frequently asked questions

Can I save Thane?

Unfortunately, there's no way to save Thane in Mass Effect 3. No matter what decisions you made in the previous game, or what decisions you make in the trilogy's third installment, he'll always be mortally injured by Kai Leng.

Is there a cure for Thane?

“Basically, the codex and Thane's dialogue in ME2 say that there is no cure, even with the high tech available to Citadel races like gene therapy,” Hepler said. “So any cure would have to be a serious breakthrough.

How old is Garrus Vakarian?

In accordance with this timeline, Shepard would be 29 years old in the first game, making Garrus 25 years old. Turian aging is very similar to human aging, unlike with most other species. In the Mass Effect universe, both typically live until ~140 years old.

Does Thane call you Siha if you don't romance him?

If you do not choose the "I want you, Thane" option, Thane begins to call female Shepard Siha. This occurs during the fifth conversation (which is the second to last conversation if you don't do his romance) with him. You must have his loyalty.

What happens if udina as councilor?

If Shepard nominated Udina, he becomes the first human Councilor, with Anderson as his assistant. Should Anderson be nominated for the Council, Udina becomes his personal adviser instead. If Udina is the human Councilor and the previous Council was left to perish, Shepard will be unable to regain Spectre status.

Mass Effect 3 - What Happens If THANE DIED in ME2???

Can Thane be in the Citadel DLC?

To successfully romance Thane in Mass Effect 3, Shepard will need to visit him at Huerta Memorial Hospital on the Citadel between missions. Thane also has a prominent role in the Citadel DLC, especially if he is in a relationship with Shepard.

What is wrong with Thane?

Thane is an alien, the lizard-like drell. With a croaking breath, he tells you he suffers from Kepral's Syndrome, a lung disease that renders them unable to absorb oxygen and ultimately, to breathe at all.

Can Captain Kirrahe survive?

When you get to the first intersection on the walkway, take a right to head North to find the Refueling Platform with the Geth Drones and several Fuel Tanks. Destroy all the Flyers, and you'll ensure that Captain Kirrahe will survive the Mission.

Should I let the salarian commando out?

You now have a choice: let him out, or leave him in. If you let him out he succumbs to the "incessant whispering" and attacks along with the indoctrinated salarians from adjoining cells.

What happens in me3 if Garrus dies in me2?

The very obvious and short answer is that if Garrus dies in Mass Effect 2, he's just not in Mass Effect 3. If other significant crew members are lost throughout the trilogy, they're sometimes replaced by stand-in characters of their same race.

How old is Kolyat?

His son, Kolyat, is in his late teens. Jack is 24 or 25—she's about the same age as Tali, give or take. Joker is 31.

Where is Thanes son on the Citadel?

As Thane mentioned, his son Kolyat is on the Citadel. If you don't have the Kasumi DLC and didn't catch up with Anderson, there's a good chance that you haven't actually visited here yet! It'll be in the South-West portion of the Milky Way, just a bit North of the Krogan DMZ.

How do you save Miranda in me3?

To save Miranda, you MUST read the dossier on Kai Leng and meet her via a holochannel from the Specter terminal after the attack on the citadel. During the mission, she may also die if you do not persuade her father to back down. If that fails, you have to shoot him.

Are there female Turians?

Turians are also recognisable by their voices, which have a distinctive flanging effect. Males and females do not differ greatly in physical appearance, but female turians lack the crest of horns found in the males of the race, and possess cat-like eyes. The lifespan of a turian is comparable to that of a human.

Does Garrus family survive?

Mass Effect 3

Provided Garrus survived the suicide mission, Castis hears from him after Shepard was detained by the Alliance. His son laid out everything that had happened over the last three years: from the fight with Saren, to the Collector Base, and the eventual return of the Reapers.

Can Garrus and Shepard have a child?

There is no way they could have a baby.

they're physiology is too different. Turians can't eat human food just like Quarians. Also most likely the amount of chromosomes would not match rendering the fertilized egg, dead on arrival.

Are there still Thanes?

thane, also spelled Thegn, in English history before the Norman Conquest (1066), a free retainer or lord, corresponding in its various grades to the post-Conquest baron and knight. The word is extant only once in the laws before the time of King Aethelstan (d. 939).

Can mordin survive me3?

During Mass Effect 3's main story mission “Priority: Tuchanka,” Mordin will need to stay behind in the exploding Shroud tower in order to successfully disperse a cure for the Genophage. Under the majority of playthrough scenarios, there is no way for Mordin to survive the blast and he will die as a result.

What is the meaning of Thane in Macbeth?

In the play, Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, Macbeth is a Scotsman and a thane. ... So, thane is simply a title given to someone of nobility; you might compare it to the more modern-day term of 'duke'.