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What is Jin dog name?

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Jjangu (쟌구) was a white "Maltese" dog who belonged to Jin. Read more

What is J-Hope dog name?

Mickey is a male, white and brown Shih Tzu dog. He is J-Hope's dog and only pet. He lives with J-Hope's family. J-Hope doesn't get to see Mickey as much as his family.

What is Jimin dog name?

Jimin had a dog named Ddosun, but the dog, unfortunately, passed away. After his favourite dog died, Jimin never adopted another dog. However, Jimin is known for his love of animals, particularly dogs and cats. He loves V's dog Yeontan, and anytime BTS films content with animals Jimin always lights up.

What is RM dog name?

Rapmon is a white American Eskimo dog. He is RM's only pet. He lives with RM's parents. He is named after RM's old stage name.

What is BTS V dog name?

V's dog Yeontan is a Pomeranian and is very popular in the BTS fandom.

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Most frequently asked questions

Does RM have a pet?

RM also has a dog who lives with his family. The dog's name is Rapmon and is an American Eskimo. Suga has a toy poodle named Holly. While BTS was on hiatus, Suga uploaded pictures of him visiting Holly to BTS's shared Twitter account.

What breed is J Hope's dog?

Meet Mickey, J-Hope's Shih Tzu. The dog is brown and white, with beautiful round eyes. The rapper owns the dog with his sister.

What breed is Suga's dog?

Holly is a male, brown Toy Poodle dog. He is Suga's dog and only pet.

Who is Yeontan in BTS?

Yeontan was first shown on December 4, 2017, in Jin's Birthday V LIVE. He is a male dog that used to live with BTS; however, due to their busy schedule, V was not always able to take care of him, so he currently lives with V's parents. Yeontan is an adorable and small dog and is very close to all the members.

Which animal is Suga?

Suga. Unfortunately, Suga wasn't present during the interview, but fans often compare him to a cat. Suga has cat-like features and appears cold on the outside (but is actually warm on the inside)! This earned him the adorable nickname from fans, “Lil Meow Meow.”


Is Bam Jungkook's dog?

BTS member V on Tuesday shared a new picture of himself Jungkook's dog Bam. Taking to Weverse, V also revealed that he took care of Bam when he was young. ... BTS fans, known as ARMY, shared their reaction to the picture on Twitter.

Why did V name his dog Yeontan?

Why did V name his dog Yeontan? ... Its name seems to stem from a charcoal block that is used in South Korea to heat houses , V chose it because of Yeontan's black fur, although there were also theories about a Bangtan combination.

Is Jungkook's dog still alive?

He lives with Jungkook's family. Fans would sometimes refer to him as Cloudie. Gureum is a rescue dog. Jungkook mentioned that he adopted Gureum from an animal rescue shelter.

Is J-Hope dog alive?

BTS member J-Hope recently revealed that when Jin learned about the death of his dog, Jjanggu, he cried uncontrollably. The dog, a Maltese breed, died in 2017. ... It was then that Jin remembered Jjanggu and said that even when he grew old, he lost his vision for two years.

What are BTS nicknames?

Their nicknames pick them. While we know the seven-member boy band as Jungkook, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga, RM and J-Hope, we also know them by their BTS nicknames, such as Kookie, Hobi and more. For those who don't know, BTS debuted in 2013 with their single “No More Dream” from their first album 2 Cook 4 Skool.

Who in BTS has a dog?

BTS singer V left fans in splits when he compared his dog Yeontan with Godzilla. The singer first introduced the pet dog to fans in 2017. BTS member V left ARMY in splits after he compared his pet dog, Yeontan, with a Godzilla.

Is Yeontan adopted?

The My Universe and Butter hitmaker knew about Yeontan's condition, and he adopted him anyway. Tae first introduced Yeontan in 2017. Yeontan used to live with Taehyung at first but due to BTS' hectic schedules, V sent Tannie to live with his (Taehyung's) parents.

Who V parents?

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Taehyung who works farmer to provide financial needs for their breed. His mother's name is Mrs. Taehyung who is a housewife. He also has two younger siblings, his brother's name is Kim Jeong Gyu, and his sister's name is Kim Eon Jin.

How much is a Taehyung dog?

So generally, the basic price is $600 to $1500. I think Taehyung named his dog Yeontan because of its dark (and beautiful!) fur, and maybe because of "tan" in "yeontan" like bang"tan"?

Does RM have a dog?

RM's white Spitz – named Rap Mon, after himself – has kept his family company since 2013. ... RM has expressed his sadness on social media, commenting that now Rap Mon only approaches him when he can ploy his pet with a dog treat.

How old is Kim Yeontan?

Yeontan is 4 years old as of 2021. When V debuted his pet in ARMY in 2017, the boys broadcasted a VLive broadcast to celebrate Jin's birthday, and the idol chose to bring in a very special guest: Yeontan.

What is the breed of Jungkook's dog?

BTS' Jungkook shared posts on Instagram. BTS member Jungkook gave ARMY a glimpse of his pet dogs--Song and Paeng, calling them the elder brothers of his pet doberman, Bam. Taking to Instagram, Jungkook share a picture in which he lay on his back with the two Italian Greyhounds resting on his chest.

Which BTS member has a cat?

Kkanji is a silvery-grey cat. He is 1/5 of the pets V currently owns. He lives with Taehyung's parents.

What is V's little brother's name?

V, whose real name is Kim Tae Hyung, is the oldest among his siblings. He has a younger brother, Kim Jeon Gyu, and younger sister, Kim Eun Jun.

What breed is Soonshim?

Soonshim is a white dog. He is one of the five pets V currently owns. He lives with Taehyung's parents. His breed may possibly be a Korean Jindo though it hasn't been confirmed.