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What is lip vitiligo?

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Vitiligo of the lateral lower lip is a specific type of lip vitiligo which forms about 16% of all vitiligo patients. [1] It starts as a tiny dot at the lateral part of the lower lip and spreads medially as a linear streak along the vermillion border

vermillion border
Anatomical terminology

The vermilion border (sometimes spelled vermillion border), also called margin or zone, is the normally sharp demarcation between the lip and the adjacent normal skin. It represents the change in the epidermis from highly keratinized external skin to less keratinized internal skin. › wiki › Vermilion_border
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  • Causes of white spots on lips?-Dr. Nischal K
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What causes lip vitiligo?

The exact cause of vitiligo is unknown, although most experts believe that it is an autoimmune condition in which the body's immune system mistakenly attacks and destroys certain cells within the body. Most people who have vitiligo will develop the condition prior to age 40; about half develop it before age 20.

How do I know if I have vitiligo on my lips?

Patchy loss of skin color, which usually first appears on the hands, face, and areas around body openings and the genitals. Premature whitening or graying of the hair on your scalp, eyelashes, eyebrows or beard. Loss of color in the tissues that line the inside of your mouth and nose (mucous membranes)

How do you get rid of vitiligo on lips?

Treatment Options for Vitiligo
  1. Creams and ointments.
  2. Light therapy.
  3. Depigmentation.
  4. Laser treatment.
  5. Skin grafting.
  6. Micropigmentation.
  7. Blister grafting.
  8. Cosmetic cover-ups.

Does vitiligo on lips spread?

If affecting mostly the lips and fingertips, it's called lip-tip vitiligo. If the vitiligo is only affecting a small area of the body, it may be called focal vitiligo, but I find this usually spreads and evolves into another form pretty quickly.

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Most frequently asked questions

Can vitiligo on lips be cured?

There is no cure, and it is usually a lifelong condition. The exact cause is unknown, but it may be due to an autoimmune disorder or a virus. Vitiligo is not contagious. Treatment options may include exposure to UVA or UVB light and depigmentation of the skin in severe cases.

Can vitiligo be only on lips?

There are different patterns of vitiligo

It can affect just the lips and genitals, called mucosal vitiligo, or those areas plus the fingertips, called lip-tip vitiligo. It can affect the face and hands/feet, which is called acrofacial vitiligo.

Which food causes vitiligo?

Here are some of the top problem foods that some people with vitiligo cite:
  • alcohol.
  • blueberries.
  • citrus.
  • coffee.
  • curds.
  • fish.
  • fruit juice.
  • gooseberries.

What is the fastest home remedy for vitiligo?

Turmeric is an effective home remedy for vitiligo. Turmeric along with mustard oil and stimulate the pigmentation of the skin. Apply a mixture of turmeric powder and mustard oil for 20 minutes to the affected area. Do this twice a day for positive results.

How do you treat white spots on lips?

Making use of fruits like orange, tangerine and lemon can help you lighten the white spots on lips. Just blend the juice with some water and apply the mixture on your lips with cotton. The white patches will lighten and gradually disappear in a few days. This is a very simple home remedy to get rid of white spots.

Causes of white spots on lips?-Dr. Nischal K

How can I increase melanin in my lips?

You get vitamin A from the food you eat, especially vegetables that contain beta carotene, such as carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, and peas. Since vitamin A also functions as an antioxidant, some researchers believe this vitamin, more than any other, may be the key to melanin production.

Does vitiligo ever go away?

There is no cure for vitiligo. The goal of medical treatment is to create a uniform skin tone by either restoring color (repigmentation) or eliminating the remaining color (depigmentation). Common treatments include camouflage therapy, repigmentation therapy, light therapy and surgery.

Is vitiligo bad for health?

Can you die from vitiligo? Vitiligo does not pose a serious threat to one's health, but it can result in physical complications, such as eye issues, hearing problems, and sunburn. People with vitiligo also tend to be more likely to have another autoimmune disease (like thyroid disorders and some types of anemia).

Does ginger cure vitiligo?

It can fade scars and hypopigmentation.

In addition to helping diminish the appearance of white scars, it has also been used to treat other pigmentation issues such as vitiligo.

Which oil is best for vitiligo?

One of the effective home remedies for vitiligo is the use of turmeric and mustard oil. Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It helps in increasing the immune system of body and infection from bacteria. All you need to do is take turmeric powder (5 teaspoons) and mustard oil (250 ml).

Is Ginger good for white patches?

Drink ginger juice as this increases blood flow to the white patches on your skin. Dry pomegranate leaves and powder them. Mix 8 grams of this in water and consume it every morning.

Do and don'ts for vitiligo?

Protect your skin from the sun
  • Use sunscreen every day. You want to apply sunscreen to all skin that clothing will not cover. ...
  • Wear clothing that protects your skin from the sun. Clothing also has an SPF. ...
  • Seek shade. ...
  • Do not use tanning beds and sun lamps. ...
  • Add color to your skin safely. ...
  • Do not get a tattoo.

How can you avoid vitiligo?

There is currently no cure for vitiligo and no way to prevent the condition. If a person decides to pursue treatment, the aim is generally to restore pigment and prevent depigmentation from affecting more skin. Limiting sun exposure is one of the most effective ways to prevent depigmentation and damage.

Do vitiligo patients get married?

Thus an young woman with vitiligo has little chance of getting married. A married women developing vitiligo after marriage shall have marital problems perhaps ending in divorce. Vitiligo is thus an important skin disease having major impact on the quality of life of patients suffering from vitiligo.

Does Vitiligo affect fertility?

Another retrospective cohort study from Korea published few years before the previously mentioned one concluded that there is an increased risk of spontaneous miscarriages and lower live birth rates in women with vitiligo in this 10-years, nationwide, retrospective cohort study.

Can a white person have vitiligo?

FACT: Vitiligo affects people of all races equally; however, it may be more noticeable in people with dark skin.

What is the best treatment for vitiligo?

Systemic and topical psoralens with subsequent long-wave UV-A exposure (PUVA) is the most common treatment prescribed. Narrowband UV-B irradiation has also demonstrated some success in treating vitiligo.

Which vitamin is good for lips?

Vitamin E boosts circulation and may help generate new skin cells, making your lips softer. Shop for vitamin E capsules.

Why does your bottom lip turn black?

A bruise can form on one or both lips following an injury. This can cause your lips to be partly or entirely purple or black. Dry, cracked, and severely damaged lips, including burns, can also turn lips dark.

How can I darken my lips?

1. Lemon. Lemon has natural bleaching and exfoliating properties. You can either squeeze half a lemon and apply the juice directly on your lips daily or you can also take a thin slice of lemon, sprinkle a bit of sugar on top and rub it on your lips.