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What is the trick to making divinity?

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How to Make Divinity
  1. Combine sugar, water, and corn syrup in a heavy saucepan over medium heat.
  2. Cook until the syrup reaches the firm ball stage (about 250° to 265°F on a candy thermometer).
  3. While the syrup is cooking, beat the egg whites with salt until stiff.
  4. Gradually add half the syrup to the egg whites.
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What is the best humidity for making divinity?

Divinity Tips:

Shoot for a 40% or lower level of humidity. I have heard forever do not attempt to make divinity on a rainy, damp day because it just will not set, no matter what, so wait for a clear, dry day to make it, if you don't want to end up with a sticky hot mess.

How do you know when divinity is done?

When it is ready it will be thick, and make your arm ache when you stir it. It will lose the shiny appearance and turn a more opaque, matte finish. When you pick up the spoon and drop some it will hold its shape without pooling.

What makes divinity grainy?

Consider this: divinity hates humidity. ... If it's humid (over 50%) or rainy, the candy might end up with a more gooey, or grainy texture. If you're making candy on a hot or humid day, cook the candy a few degrees higher than the recipe specifies to overcome these undesired side effects.

Can u freeze divinity?

Rest divinity at room temperature for at least 2 hours to set, or overnight. ... Store in airtight container at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. You can also freeze them in airtight container for up to 2 months.

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Most frequently asked questions

Can you make divinity on a cloudy day?

You can make divinity when it's raining…as long as your kitchen is indoors! Just follow the recipe, and you'll be fine. The finished product. A beautiful plate of of delicious divinity made on a rainy and very humid day.

Are nougat and divinity the same?

Divinity is a nougat-like confection made with egg white, corn syrup, and sugar. Optional ingredients such as flavors, chopped dried fruit and chopped nuts are frequently added. Replacing the sugar with brown sugar results in a related confection called "sea foam".

Is divinity safe to eat?

As a rule, dry meringue shells, divinity candy and seven-minute frostings are safe because they are made by combining a hot sugar syrup with beaten egg whites, so the egg whites are sufficiently heated. ... As an alternative, substitute pasteurized dried egg whites, whipped cream or a whipped topping.

How long do you have to beat divinity?

When all the syrup has been combined, continue to beat the mixture until it begins to lose its gloss and holds its shape in stiff peaks. This takes about 10 minutes of solid beating. Testing the divinity: The first and most important test occurs when you lift the beaters.

What is divinity made of?

Divinity is a sweet confection made with egg whites, sugar and corn syrup. This type of candy typically has chopped pecans or walnuts in it and is flavored with vanilla extract.

How To Make Easy Divinity

Does divinity candy freeze well?

Store divinity candy in the freezer for storage beyond two weeks. With proper packaging, divinity stays fresh in the freezer for up to one year. This convenience allows you to make candy well in advance, a particular advantage if you make several different types of candy around the holidays.

Can you over mix divinity?

Pour in the Sugar Mixture

Continue to beat on high speed for another 5-8 minutes until the candy loses it's glossiness and can hold it's shape. DO NOT OVER MIX. The difference between perfectly mixed and over mixed divinity can be about 30 seconds.

What is the texture of divinity candy?

Slightly crunchy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside, full of pecans and vanilla. The texture is like the inside of a Three Muskateers bar. I understand why this candy is named what it is named. It is truly divine.

Can you eat divinity while pregnant?

Dry meringue shells, divinity candy, and 7-minute frosting are safe - these are made by combining hot sugar syrup with beaten egg whites.

Is Italian meringue safe to eat?

What Is Italian Meringue? Meringue in itself refers to a whipped egg white and sugar mixture baked to a crisp. ... This results in the most stable meringue, and it also means that it's safe to eat as it is. While it's optional, adding an acid such as lemon juice or cream of tartar can help the meringue to stabilise better.

Are meringues raw?

Meringue, made from whipped egg whites and sugar, is light, fluffy and delicious. Many traditional meringue recipes rely upon uncooked egg whites in the final product, posing a safety risk. You can make or purchase safe meringues, ranging from meringue cookies to meringue-topped pies.

Is meringue and divinity the same thing?

It's a meringue-based candy that's very much like a nougat. Divinity has only been around since the early 20th century. ... Divinity is made with sugar, corn syrup and egg whites and may include mix-ins like nuts or coconut and flavorings like vanilla or peppermint extract.

How many games are in the Divinity series?

The Divinity series spans across seven games, two novels, a graphic novel, lore book and board game. The series can be broadly broken into three eras based on the game style and genre: First era - 2002-2006 (2D real time combat RPG)

Does divinity have milk in it?

Divinity is a type of fudge that is made with cold milk. Other variations contain chocolate, coconut and/or various other flavorings, such as peppermint extract or orange oil.

Why can you not make divinity on a rainy day?

High humidity hastens the breakdown of sugar as it cools. Once the candy has cooled to the point where it can no longer evaporate moisture, it can actually begin to reabsorb moisture. This produces a softer product than may be desirable.”

Can you make candy when it's raining?

It's best to make candy on a cool, dry day. If it's humid or rainy, the candy might end up with a more sugary, grainy texture. If you are making candy on a hot or humid day, cook the candy until the thermometer registers 1 to 2 degrees higher than the recipe specifies.

How do I soften divinity?

TIP: If the candy is too thick, add a couple drops of hot water and mix again for a few seconds to soften it. Scoop the divinity recipe onto the cookie sheet with a couple of spoons. The divinity candy will set up pretty fast.

What temp is hard ball stage?

If the candy forms a firm but not hard ball, it is in the firm ball stage. The temperature of this stage is between 242° — 248°F. Caramels are cooked to the firm ball stage. If the candy forms thick threads when it drips from the spoon, it is in the hard ball stage or 250° — 265°F.

Does Weather Affect candy making?

Oddly enough, it can. Cooking candy syrup to the desired temperature means achieving a certain ratio of sugar to moisture in the candy. Cool weather is also recommended for candy making, because—generally—the faster candy cools, the less chance it has to form unwanted crystals. ...