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What was the first PG rated Disney movie?

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The release of The Black Hole marks the first Disney film to be rated PG. Read more

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What was Disney's first PG-13 movie?

The first PG-13 rated film released under the Walt Disney Pictures label was Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) .

What was Disney's first R-rated movie?

Through Touchstone, Disney's first R-rated film, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, came on January 31, 1986 and was a large box-office success.

Has Disney ever made an R-rated movie?

Disney has never released R-rated films under the "Disney" brand; all of these films are published by subsidiaries and thus only indirectly Disney-related, and will generally not receive in-depth coverage here beyond pages on the films themselves.

Are any Disney movies rated PG?

Compared to hundreds of PG (first one being The Black Hole in 1979) and G-rated films, only 14 films under the Walt Disney Pictures banner, including Hamilton, have been rated PG-13.

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Most frequently asked questions

What is Disney's darkest movie?

Arguably the darkest film in the entire Disney animated canon is the 1996 film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. The movie opens with Frollo killing Quasimodo's mother and attempting to kill an infant Quasimodo before he is forced to stop.

What are Rated G Disney movies?

G-rated films
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol.
  • Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas.
  • The Santa Clause 2.
  • Beauty and the Beast (1991 film)

What is the most violent Disney movie?

Disney's Most Deadly Films Revealed
  • Dinosaur – 307,148 Deaths. Disney's 2000 film Dinosaur takes the top spot as the deadliest film, with 307,148 deaths! ...
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire – 35,185 Deaths. ...
  • Hercules – 20,010 Deaths. ...
  • Lion King – 1,660 deaths.

Has Disney ever made a horror movie?

Younger kids will love Halloween-inspired cartoons while your tweens will get a thrill from some of the more scary Halloween movies from Disney. (Fun fact: Don't Look Under the Bed is one of the only Disney "horror" movies ever made.) No matter who's watching, there's something for everyone—yes, even you!

What was the last R-rated Disney movie?

The last time Disney released an R-rated flick was when their Touchstone Pictures division released The Fifth Estate, a thriller starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Alicia Vikander, in 2013.

Does PG Mean Anything Anymore?

Is Deadpool the only R-rated Marvel movie?

Kevin Feige has confirmed that Deadpool 3 is the only R-rated MCU project in development, which will avoid a common superhero movie mistake. Kevin Feige, the mastermind behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has confirmed that an R-rated Deadpool 3 set in the MCU is in development.

Why doesn't Disney do R-rated movies?

While Disney owns companies that make R-rated themselves, a company with Disney in the name won't because Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Studios has to keep that family-friendly image!

How many R-rated Disney movies are there?

As of now, there have not been any R-rated movies produced under the Disney name. However, the company's Touchstone Pictures title has released several R-rated films, including “Pretty Woman” and “Enemy of the State.” However, it seems these films will also not be a part of the new company's content offerings.

Is Mulan rated PG?

The live-action Mulan, which is PG-13, officially received its rating long before plans were set in place for its Disney+ release. ... Because of the war epic twist on Mulan, it became the first of Disney's live action remakes to earn above a PG rating.

Why is Mulan rated PG-13?

'Mulan's surprisingly PG-13 rating is largely due to the ending. Apparently, a vast majority of the live-action Mulan remake is pretty appropriate for most audiences, but according to Decider, it was given the PG-13 rating because of the "twist ending," which shows some pretty intense fight scenes.

Can TV 14 say the F word?

multiple F-bombs) is not allowed at a TV-14 rating. ... In general, the F-bomb is rarer with the TV-14 rating than with the PG-13 rating.

Who is the youngest Disney villain?

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Hans from Frozen are currently the youngest Disney Villains to date, with Hans being 23 and Gaston being around his mid-20s.

Who is the meanest Disney villain?

By Jena Pugh
  • Maleficent – Perhaps the meanest character in Disney's history is Maleficent. ...
  • Cruella De Vil – There is nothing nice about animal cruelty and the fur-loving villain Cruella De Vil in “101 Dalmatians” will stop at nothing to get her hands on the Dalmatians and use their fur to make coats.

What is the most annoying Disney song?

The 15 Worst Disney Songs Ever
  1. 1. “ What Made the Red Man Red?”
  2. 2. “ Scales and Arpeggios”
  3. 3. “ The Siamese Cat Song”
  4. 4. “ Trashin' the Camp”
  5. 5. “ Yodle-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo”
  6. 6. “ Song of the Roustabouts”
  7. 7. “ Fixer Upper”
  8. 8. “ One Little Slip”

Who killed the most people in Disney?

1 Shan Yu (Mulan)

Shan Yu, as the leader of the invading Mongol force in Mulan, indisputably has the highest kill count of all Disney villains. Under his command, soldiers invaded, pillaged, and killed Chinese civilians and soldiers.

What is Mulan's body count?

But which Disney character has the highest body count? She may look nice but Mulan killed 1,995 people, more than any other princess and according to Reddit she is the most prolific killer of all Disney characters. Our heroine crushed 2,000 Huns in an avalanche caused by a rocket.