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What was the problem with the Wife's second to last husband?

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a woman should always marry for love. women in the know are able to control their husbands and that is the natural order in a marriage. What was wrong with the second to last husband? He cheated on her. Read more

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What made problems in the Wife of Bath's fourth marriage?

What made problems in the Wife of Bath's fourth marriage? The problems she had was anger, jealousy, and he a mistress.

What is the Wife of Bath's complaint about husbands?

What is the Wife of Bath's complaint about husbands? Husbands complain about their wives and they think wives try to make their lives miserable. "No empty-handed man can lure a bird", said the Wife of Bath.

Why did the Wife rip a page out of her husband's book?

At the end of her Prologue, the Wife rips a page or two out of her husband's book because she is so angry. Finally, the Wife has begun to seem like an actual person with feelings, rather than just a combination of negative stereotypes.

What choice does the knight's Wife give him at the end of the Wife of Bath's Tale?

She offers the knight a choice: either he can have her be ugly but loyal and good, or he can have her young and fair but also coquettish and unfaithful. The knight ponders in silence. Finally, he replies that he would rather trust her judgment, and he asks her to choose whatever she thinks best.

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Most frequently asked questions

What is the conflict in the Wife of Bath's Tale?

What is the Major Conflict in the "Wife of Bath's Tale"? The Knight knowing his life is at stake goes on a journey asking women what they want most in life.

What does the Knight do wrong in the Wife of Bath's Tale?

Summary: In the Wife of Bath's tale, the Knight has raped a young maiden. His punishment for doing so is death; he is to have his head cut off.

Why was the Wife of Bath's so angry with her fourth husband?

Near the end of her Prologue, the Wife announces that she will speak about her fourth husband. Husband #4 had a lover in addition to the Wife. To punish him for this, the Wife convinced him that she, too, was cheating. Husband #4 was so consumed by jealousy that it was his purgatory on earth.

What does the old hag symbolize in the story?

Women in Society

She conveys this view by using the hag archetype, or symbol. A hag, in many mythologies and folk tales, is a woman who can fluidly transition the boundary between youth and old age and often symbolizes the aging process for women.

What is the Wife of Bath's opinion on marriage?

The Wife of Bath's Prologue begins with a defense of serial marriage. ... The Wife's argument moves on to be a defense of marriage, period. She insists that though those who choose to marry might not be as spiritually perfect as people who remain chaste all their lives, they are still fulfilling God's commandments.

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How does Wife of Bath say manipulated her husbands?

God made sexual organs, she claims, for both function and for pleasure, and she does not envy any maiden her virginity. The Wife of Bath uses her sexual power to control her husbands. ... She would make her husbands bring her presents and put them through torments.

What is a husband's duty to his Wife?

Love Your Wife Unconditionally

The foundation of any marriage is love and trust. These two qualities go together. Loving your wife unconditionally is one of the primary responsibilities of a husband. You must satisfy her emotionally by assuring her that you love, respect, and value her.

Is husband responsible for Wife's loan?

Husband has no liability towards loan of wife. ... 1) A personal loan is an unsecured loan granted by a financial institution and hence banks can proceed to initiate civil suit against legal heirs.. 2) The liability to pay an unsecured loan passes on to the family members upon the demise of the borrower.

What was wrong with the Wife of Bath's last husband?

Realizing that she has digressed, she returns to the story of her fourth husband. She confesses that she was his purgatory on Earth, always trying to make him jealous. He died while she was on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

What is the Wife of Bath's opinion on virginity?

If everyone was supposed to be chaste, then there would be no people and hence, no seed for virginity to grow from. The Wife of Bath believes that everyone has a gift from God, and she thinks her sexuality is her gift. ... She does not envy virginity, but believes that virginity is perfection and is not meant for everyone.

How does the ending of the story reconcile with the Wife of Bath's philosophy on marriage?

How does the ending of the story reconcile with the Wife's philosophy? The story ends with the knight marrying a much older woman and her taking him over. This is similar to the wife's philosophy because she believes that the wife should have control over the husband.

Why does the old woman's speech go on for so long?

why does the old woman's speech go on for so long? she was angry, hurt and annoued. she gave the knight one last chance though he was ungrateful.

What becomes of the old woman at the end of the story?

How is the old woman changed at the end of the story? She transforms herself into a young and lovely woman.

What is the moral lesson of the wife of Bath tale?

The Wife of Bath's Tale's Lesson

The moral of this tale is that “women want to be in charge of their men,” as shown by the old hag in the tale. After almost a year of searching for the answer of what women want the most, the knight has given up and accepted his fate.

Who or what is Chaucer criticizing with the wife of baths description and tale?

Chaucer may also be criticising the notion of a social order which associates gracious and courteous behaviour with noble birth or high status. The behaviour of the Knight at the beginning of The Tale graphically demonstrates the moral bankruptcy of this idea. It is then exposed by the Old Woman's rhetoric.

What is the authors structural purpose in including the Wife of Bath's Prologue in the wife of baths tale?

'The Wife of Bath feels she is an expert on relations between men and women because of her experience with five husbands. Her main point in her prologue and in her tale is to explain the thing women most desire - complete control - which she describes as sovereignty over their husbands.

What is the author's structural purpose in including the Wife of Bath's Prologue in The Wife of Bath's Tale?

What is the author's structural purpose in including the "Wife of Bath's Prologue" in "The Wife of Bath's Tale"? To maintain the frame story by keeping up with the other characters between the tales.

What does the knight decide regarding his wife?

The knight doesn't want to marry the wrinkly, ugly, and old lady. ... What does the knight decide? He decided to let her decide which of those options will be better for him and her.

What is the conflict of the knight's Tale?

Palamon and Arcite have sworn a knightly oath to be loyal to one another, but they both fall in love with the same girl. The problem is, the rule of chivalry, which demands knights keep their oaths, is tested by the rule of courtly love, which demands that a knight put his love for his lady before everything else.

Does the knight from The Wife's Tale learn his lesson?

The knight eventually learns his lesson, although it takes him a while. ... With him, then, the tale seems to be encouraging women not to give up hope on the men in their lives; they may make some mistakes, but they'll come around in the end.