White People Jokes

White People Jokes

white people jokes, jokes about white people

White people have been known for their personality but they can also do some stupid things that will make others laugh out loud. Here we have some of the amazing White people jokes that will make it hard for you to stop your laughter. You can start with the goal to read only 5 but you will only stop when you are read all the White people jokes.

Even if you share the White people jokes with your white friends they will laugh and how funny they can be. This list has been enriched with some of the best jokes in the history of the White people jokes. So buckle up to get on this ride of the amazing jokes and we are sure with every coming joke your laughter will become louder. If you want laugh more there is the white people pictures jokes.

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#1 A guy goes in an adult store

A guy goes in an adult store and asks for an inflatable doll.
The guy behind the counter says,
"Male or female?"
The customer says,
The counter guy asks,
"Black or white?"
The customer says,
The counter guy asks,
"Christian or Muslim?"
The customer says,
"What the hell does religion have to do with it?"
The counter guy says,
"The Muslim one blows itself up!"


#3 Oh, how ya doin’, Bob?

You seen white people goin, 'Oh, how ya doin', Bob?
Ah, no I.D. with me today. No, I forgot my I.D. Just go ahead $5,000.'
Brothers be at the bank he's got his birth certificate, social security card, his lotto tickets, his pictures his kid drew, and they're still over in the back going, 'I don't think that's him. I'll tell you what, give him $28.'


#31 15 blokes chased

15 blokes chased a paki through McDonalds.
When they caught him, they beat him to death.
After the police arrived at the scene, they questioned a witness about why he didn"t help.
He simply responded "i thought 15 was enough"


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