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Who is the most famous fictional spy?

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Top 10 fictional spies, from Bond and Bourne to Hannay and Smiley
  • Kimball O'Hara. Kim, Rudyard Kipling (1901)
  • Jason Bourne. The Bourne Identity, Robert Ludlum (1980)
  • Alec Leamas. The Spy Who Came in from the Cold, John le Carré (1963)
  • Unnamed. ...
  • James Wormold. ...
  • James Bond. ...
  • Richard Hannay. ...
  • Adolf Verloc.
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Who was one of the most memorable spies?

Mata Hari. One of the most famous and elusive spies in history, Dutch-born Margaretha Geertruida Zelle, whose stage name was Mata Hari, acted as a spy during World War I.

What are some cool spy names?

  • Invisible.
  • Agent.
  • Spy.
  • Pink Fluffy Unicorn.
  • Secret spy.
  • Link.
  • Moonlight.
  • Black Crystal.

What is a female spy called?

Sexpionage is a historically documented phenomenon and even the CIA has previously added Nigel West's work Historical Dictionary of Sexspionage to its proposed intelligence officer's bookshelf. Female agents using such tactics are known as sparrows, while male ones are known as ravens.

Who is the most famous female spy?

Mata Hari. One of, if not the most famous female spy of all time, Mata Hari was an exotic dancer and reportedly a German spy in World War One.

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Most frequently asked questions

Who was the first known spy?

1. Nathan Hale. Often dubbed “America's first spy,” Nathan Hale was a Yale graduate who served in Knowlton's Rangers, a short-lived Continental reconnaissance unit.

Is being a spy illegal?

Espionage against a nation is a crime under the legal code of many nations. In the United States, it is covered by the Espionage Act of 1917. The risks of espionage vary. A spy violating the host country's laws may be deported, imprisoned, or even executed.

Who is the most famous American spy?

Learn more about some of the spies that aided the Patriot cause during the American Revolution.
  • Nathan Hale. ...
  • Benjamin Tallmadge. ...
  • Austin Roe. ...
  • Abraham Woodhull. ...
  • Anna Strong. ...
  • Robert Townsend.

Who was Agent 711?

Among other honorifics, George Washington—known as Agent 711 in the Culper Spy Ring—is often heralded as a great “spymaster,” and indeed, he was.

Who said I regret I have one life?

Patriot Nathan Hale Was Hanged. "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." Have you heard this famous declaration before? American patriot Nathan Hale said it on September 22, 1776, his last words before he was hanged for spying on British troops.

Top 10 Spies in the World

What was the first spy movie?

However, the first real spy story was probably William Le Queux 's serial, 'The Great War in 1897' (published in book form in 1894). The serial outlined a French attack on Britain masterminded by a Russian spy.

Who spied on the British?

Under the direction of Benjamin Tallmadge, agents Abraham Woodhull, Caleb Brewster, Anna Strong, Austin Roe, and others spied on the British beginning in 1778 and for the duration of the war.

What are Russian spies called?

The KGB classified its spies as: agents (a person who provides intelligence) and. controllers (a person who relays intelligence).

Who is the best spy of all time?

8 of the Most Notorious Spies in History
  • Sir Francis Walsingham (1532-1590) ...
  • Belle Boyd (1844-1900) ...
  • Mata Hari (1876-1917) ...
  • Fritz Joubert Duquesne (1877-1956) ...
  • Lise de Baissac (1905-2004) ...
  • Dušan Popov (1912-1981) ...
  • Anthony Blunt (1907-1983) ...
  • Aldrich Ames (1941-present)

What should I watch if I like spy?

15 Movies To Watch If You Like My Spy
  1. 1 Playing with Fire (2019)
  2. 2 The Game Plan (2007) ...
  3. 3 Kindergarten Cop (1990) ...
  4. 4 Spy Kids (2001) ...
  5. 5 I Spy (2002) ...
  6. 6 The Spy Who Dumped Me (2018) ...
  7. 7 Spy (2015) ...
  8. 8 The Pacifier (2005) ...

How do I find a movie I can't remember?

Even if you forget the title of a movie, there are plenty of ways to find a movie title you can't remember. You can Google the plot details, any actors you remember, or even quotes from the film itself. If that doesn't work, then your best is to use a movie finder website or tool.

Was Alexander Hamilton a son of liberty?

In the wake of the Boston Tea Party, Hamilton dropped out of school to pursue the radical American cause, joining the Sons of Liberty. ... By March 1777, Hamilton had become firmly entrenched as one of Washington's intimate military family.

Who was an American traitor?

Benedict Arnold, the American general during the Revolutionary War who betrayed his country and became synonymous with the word “traitor,” was born on January 14, 1741.

What was George Washington spy ring?

The Culper Spy Ring was an American spy network operating during the War of American Independence that provided George Washington with information on British troop movements.

What was Benjamin Tallmadge's code name?

Tallmadge went by the name John Bolton, to which his informants addressed their correspondence. In addition to pseudonyms, Tallmadge and Washington utilized other innovative espionage tactics to pass intelligence out of New York.